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Along your journey of self discovery, at some stage we all need an extra boost in our confidence.

The self -belief to go out in new directions that we hadn’ t always thought about exploring.

Maybe even directions, we didn’t even think were possible.

I always thought creating a lifestyle online was about having freedom.

Hopefully, this will be the case in time, as a beginner, the digital lifestyle instead seems to be spending hours learning how to make a computer do what you wanted it to do.

I had hoped that a digital lifestyle would not be about spending hours trying to figure out how you had made such a mess of a simple task in the first place.

Sometimes it’s not easy to make changes to your life and to create the things that you want.

finding you

I thought it was all about learning tasks, implementing these and it seemed so easy.  

When I first started out online, I wasn’ t really interested in creating anything online.    

You see, I told myself, I am not very technical (I’ m still not!) and I didn’t think I could do this.  

I almost gave up, before I really understood what this digital lifestyle was all about.

What I found out, was that there is so much more to creating a digital lifestyle business.  

It is not just the technical aspects you need to focus on, you’ ll be glad to hear.

What I found is that the most important aspect when starting your digital lifestyle is YOU.

What does this mean?

Let m help you make sense of this.  

What I found in my journey online, is that it is about Finding YOU Again.

Before, you roll your eyes and think I have lost my marbles, read on because it is simpler than you realise.

This is not all new age staring into candles (I like all that stuff too by the way, but that is not what I am talking about here).

Starting With You – How You Became Lost

Many of us, who came out of this baby boomer era, have become lost over the years in the drudge of what has become daily life.

You are probably a mum and will know what I am talking about.  

We have been nurturers for so long taking care of everyone else in our families except for ourselves.

We have been the pinnacle of the family for so many years without really claiming our position.

The one who knows where the mismatched socks have disappeared to,

The one who makes the sports kit miraculously return all clean and ironed,

The one who has the dinners ready on time and runs everything in the home like a tight ship.

So, when it comes to the time when your precious cherubs are all grown up and are ready to leave the nest,

You may be left wondering where all the years have gone?

Well let me remind you of the past probably 18 or so years of your life,

They have been spent cooking

Cleaning, dusting, ironing

School runs, homework, reading stories

Tucking up into bed and chasing the monsters away at night

You have spent countless hours at the park pushing the swing back and forth,

Socialising with other mothers bitching about the life you could have had but that you wouldn’ t change it for anything because you wouldn’ t be without your family.

Probably juggling all of the above alongside a job in the real world!

And before you know it, the day when your precious baby was born has seen them turn into an 18 year old creature who is taller than you and uses your reasoning to turn an argument around in their favour.

You wonder how this happened and what there is left for you.

finding yourself

But there may be a part of you that yearns for the YOU that could have been.

It’ s no wonder that the mid-life crisis hits at this stage, we all want more in our life and will go to lengths to get it.

But before you go to any extremes,

Instead of checking on your cherubs every minute of their new adult life and trying to interfere in their choices, instead of joining a hippy commune to discover yourself


Just maybe, now it is time to turn your hand to YOU.

Speak UP! Stand out and be happy by Alexa Fisher

If you are looking for some guidance in this area then I want to introduce you to one of my mentors in this field, Alexa Fisher, for speaking, personal and self development.

When I came across Alexa Fisher in my own journey, she was just starting out, so  I was able to purchase a lot of her programs at fairly discounted rates, keep an eye out as she does promote some offers from time to time.

But what I really liked about Alexa Fisher was that she talked about the WHOLE YOU.

Here’ s a small taster of what she shares in this short 4 minute video.

How to Get Out Of Your Own Way

Her speciality is the   Voice and Speaking but she doesn’ t only focus on this aspect.

Yes, this is an important part of our make up because if you cannot communicate well and share your message with your voice, then let’ s face it, it is not going to be easy to move yourself forward.

Alexa Fisher’ s course, Speak UP! Stand out and be happy looks at developing your voice and speaking but she also looks at the confidence side of you and building this up.

She also looks at the practical aspects – your outward look.

Your clothes and hair.

How you present to the world.

She asks you to find the inner you and what makes you ,YOU.

Here’ s What you will find in her course.

Maybe for some time now you haven’ t had the time to ask yourself this question.

When you start to reflect, you may find yourself at a point where you have lost your inner vibrancy.

You have loved being a mother, you probably did a fantastic job but now it is time to turn to YOU and find who you are again.

The course is so practical and starts with looking at your wardrobe.

It may have been some time since you even threw on anything more than the most comfy trackie bottoms and top, so the first thing is to go through your wardrobe and

Pick out the items that reflect who you are.

The person you wish to project to the world.

What do your clothes say about you?

What is your style?

You know your style, right?

When you walk into a shop with a best friend and they pick something out and say “this is so you ”.

What is that item that is so you?

Look at that item?

Does it really suit you still or is it time for a change of who you are what you want to portray to the world?

A while back, I found myself at that very cross road.

No matter what item of clothing I put on, I felt old and frumpy.

And you know what, I decided that I didn’ t want to feel that way anymore.

I wanted to reinvent me and who I was.

I wanted to be different and change the way I dressed.

I found that I wanted to change my style of clothing.

I wanted to wear unusual items but you know what, at first, I lacked the confidence to make this change.

It takes courage to make these small changes but try them a small bit at a time and see what a difference it will make to YOU.

start with you

Starting with this simple physical aspect brings about a whole journey of self discovery

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