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I’ m a mum just like you. My girls are more grown up now but, they never truly grow up in your eyes, if you know what I mean. They are now young adults, so they don’ t need me as much or to be more precise, they don’t need me in quite in the same way as they once did.

I started this site to reach out to mums all over the world who may be looking for alternative ways to add to the family income whilst being able to stay at home and also raise a family.

I know what it was like trying to hold down a job, run the home and juggling the girl’s schedules whilst also trying to earn a living.

I know that I missed many a class assembly, school play and sports day because I just couldn’ t get the time off work when they were growing up. Over the school holidays, I remember juggling childcare, always asking friends to help out, or spending all my salary to cover holiday clubs.

As if that was not enough, there was still the constant worry about money and meeting the monthly expenses and not being able to provide them with the little extra treats in life as most months I was just able to keep my head above water.

When I look back on it now, the saying

‘You don’ t know what you don’ t know’

Seems so true.

I didn’ t know any better and the internet hadn’t taken off like it has right now.

You see, I had been raised in the traditional economy with the view that the only way to earn a living was through a safe job for LIFE.

I started my online journey several years ago,   and realised that there is an alternative way through the digital economy.

Through, The Digital Mum, I want to show other  women who find them themselves in the same situation that I was in several years ago, that there is another way and we don’t have to miss out either.

Create a life you love, raise your family whilst creating an income from home

I want to help women find the balance in life so that they no longer have to constantly struggle to find time due to having to hold down a traditional job as well all the daily demands placed upon them whilst trying to raise their family.

Whether you want to learn the skills that will help you to create a lifestyle business so that you can supplement the family income or whether you have a burning passion that you have and wish to develop into your own internet digital business, then I hope that you will find the tools that you will need at this site to run your own successful digital business.

If you don’ t find what you need,

or just want to ask a question

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Then please drop me a line at admin@thedigitalmum.com

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