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Let me start by saying this: if you are reading this message you probably are looking for a way to work more flexibly around your family’s needs.

You believe and know that every parent deserves the chance to raise their family and still be in control of their  own life. 

It sucks right, having to depend on something else to provide what you want.

I have been in a similar position where you probably are.

Trying to find a way to get my family and life in balance once again. 

Without having to constantly worry about the finances but also trying to do something more meaningful .

than slaving away in a 9-to-5 job that brings its own pressures when you are juggling a family as well.


So much has changed all over the whole in the past year.

Many more parents have found themselves working from home, but not because they had the flexibility and freedom.

But because the world changed due to the pandemic.

Working from home became a necessity.

As the world and life, slowly starts to get back toward some level of normal.

Maybe you have reached the realisation that it is time to take back control of your life?

Maybe there is a creative side of you that needs to be found again?

A part that you want to share with your kids and family.

A part of you that wants to find that blissful spot once again.

Maybe you want to even to dream again.

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I know where you are coming from.

I know from my own personal experience that moving out of the comfort zone and changing your life might sound quite dramatic.

I remember the feelings that I had when I first started along this path.

I was afraid that I might fail and would be wasting my time and money if I tried something different.

I know, it’s hard to try something unknown.

What you will find here is more than just learning a few new computer skills.

What you will find is that this is about also transforming yourself inwardly as well.

That’s why I want to share it, because it goes deeper into who you really are?

It goes into who you want to become.

It gets you to get in touch with your goals?

Remember, those dreams you had before, maybe you’ve given up on them sometime ago.

It asks you to even dare to dream again?

This is about finding a way to balance the challenges of the outside world with your family life whilst still creating an income. 

I’ve heard Les Brown ask this simple question

If today was the last day of your life, would you have been happy living it?’

If you find yourself answering NO too many times to this question, then maybe it is time to stop and take a different path.

What would you say if you were asked that very same question? 

If you asked yourself today that question,

If this was the last day of my life,  would I be happy living it?

Take a moment and think what your would your answer be?

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How to begin this transformation?

By now, maybe you are intrigued about how this can help you.

Or maybe you just have a few questions.

Whilst we are being open and honest, I need to tell you one thing.

There is one catch.

I know what you are probably thinking.

You knew it.

But, wait before you go …

Let me say this, in order to move forward we have to make some changes and maybe even some sacrifices.

For one, you will need to give up some of your old habits (for me that was putting an end to my binges on Netflix)

and gain some new ones (for me this was plenty of time and to put into action all that I was learning) in order to move forward and become a happier and more balanced person.

The best part of this is:

you get to earn money while you are learning and looking for the bigger purpose of your life.

There are so many options that you can choose and become free,

both literally and figuratively,

from the world you have been living in.

You only need to focus on one small task at a time and take the next step forward.

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Simple Steps To Transition to the Digital Life

If you want to create a life and business that you love whilst gaining control over your life



The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

Here’s to living your digital life and creating the life you truly love whilst creating an income working from home

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