Clever Tips To Help You Build A Fabulous About Me Page

Clever Tips To Help You Build A Fabulous About Me Page

The About Me page is probably the first page people turn to when they come across your blog, you will need to be able to captivate their attention on this page and get them to click onto some of your other pages.

So how do you construct the perfect

about me page

Instead of telling show them

for example instead of saying I read books

Try ‘on a rainy afternoon you will find me curled up in front of the log fire reading, The Four Hour Work Week or whatever book you read. This tells them a bit about you what you like and creates a picture of you. They will be able to identify with you immediately if reading is their thing they will connect and want to read on more.

Let’s get you started with your own

About Me Page.

Tip 1 to Create Your About Me Page

Step 1 –  Write down 5 things about you that you enjoy doing

Here’s mine:-

I like yoga





Tip 2 – To Create Your Fabulous About Me Page 

Step 2 – For each of those things you like doing, write this in a way that is interesting and creative.

For example, here’s mine:-

There’s nothing better than waking up and stretching in the Salute to the Sun, each morning, it starts my day the way I want it go on, in flow and full of energy.

The rhythm of the steps calms my mind as I take in the scenery around me, I connect with nature, as I am part of my local walking group that meets each week.

The tedium of the long flight has to be endured to take in the sights and sounds of the new country. I love nothing more than stepping out of the plane and seeing foreign signs it makes my brain think and I love the differentness to learn how a different culture ticks

I love nothing better than eating fresh pasta in Italy there is nothing that tastes like it, or soaking up the sun in the Canaries, scaling the Eiffel Tower and at every opportunity you will find me exploring a corner of the world.

There is something about theatre, the unexpected which captivates me, something can go wrong on the night and I love this element of suspense. 

Now you have a go, try to make it interesting and would you enjoy reading about you?

Tip 3 – To Create Your Own About Me Page 

Step 3 – Create your mission

Now we want to know what makes you tick?

We are going to tell others what your offering is all about and what you are trying to do.

So, what do you want to offer?

My mission is to spread the word about the digital world and earning a living whilst have location freedom because I believe that there is another way.

Basically, I am saying if you have thought about creating a new life for yourself then I can show you how to gain the skills you need to create this, using new digital skills and the wonders of the digital world.

How can you go about showing your mission?

There are two ways you can go about this.

First, is that you either have already done what you are going to show, so you do this by using your own experience.

Or secondly, if you haven’t got the experience then you can you this by walking along the journey with them, step by step showing them, what you are doing as you do it and are trying new things. You are showing what worked and what didn’t work – cos let’s face it that’s the reality of it.

Sharing your failures is just as important as the successes.

Now spend some time brainstorming and thinking of your mission.

To help you, try to answer the following questions:

Who exactly do you want to help?

How are you going to do this?

Do you have a specific mission in mind?

For example, it may be to create 50 digital mums who live the freedom lifestyle from home enabling them to raise a family and share every moment of their life?

Or maybe it is to help 100 mums create their own digital bliss.

Now go add your mission to your own About Me Page.

Tip 4 to Create Your About Me Page 

Step 4 – Add your personality

The problem is many people will look at someone else’s blog and think that’s a great idea and copy it. The problem is that this not them. It’s not their personality. It does not have a good fit, kind of like that dress that’s been at the back of your wardrobe you know the one you bought cos it looked good on Emily, but when you tried it on you looked like a squashed … ?

Well let’s just say, it just didn’t quite have the same fit for you.

It wasn’t you.

You have to find your own style and your own personality needs to come through on your About Me page.

This is in the way you speak.

For example, I don’t swear it does not come naturally to me it is not something I have done growing up and if I ever happen to have a swear word come out of my mouth it never sounds right.

For some reason, it just sounds wrong coming out of my mouth.

Other people may have a very jovial kind of speaking voice for example

‘Hiya Gallies, how ya all doing’.

Again that’s not my speaking voice. It would not come through authentically for me and people will soon see that I am trying to create and be something that I am not.

So think of the way you speak naturally and use this to come through in your About Me page.

Use the things that give you joy as again this will come through in your message.

You’re trying to connect with people who are like you so trying to be someone else just isn’t going to cut it.

Now that you have some ideas about what content to add your About Me page, I hope you will have fun creating your own About Me page.

Post you links below to your About Me pages and share how this post has helped you.

Simple Steps To Transition to the Digital Life

If you want to achieve your goals then you may be interested in this to help you there.

If you want to transition, then slow but sure always wins the race just like the tortoise and the hare, take your time, prepare, plan and know YOUR WHY.

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

Here’s to living your digital life

The Digital Mum
The Digital Life Isn’t for Everyone!

The Digital Life Isn’t for Everyone!

Transitioning from the Job to your New Digital Life

If You’ve been thinking about whether the Digital Life is a good fit for you and still wondering.

Maybe you’ve had a dabble but it hasn’t worked out.

But something in side of you is still calling to find out.

Can this work for me and does it work?

One of the hardest parts is the transition – finding time to learn and master the skills you need whilst still holding down a full time job.

Making the transition from one thing to another is often the hardest and most difficult part.

When to do it?

How do you do it?

And even, should you do it at all?

These were the questions that came up for me when I began to start thinking about transitioning from the traditional economy into the lap top lifestyle.

I had many doubts and way too many questions.

I was at times struck by the fear of doing so.

So what should you do?

Well the first thing to do and you may find this the hardest part, is DO NOT leave your job to go and build your empire.

The best way to make the transition is slowly. 

First learn the skill and build up the online business around your current work commitments.

This will not only give you the motivation, it will show you whether you truly have the ummph to do this.

Because let’s face it working for yourself is not the easiest thing in the world

There is no one breathing down your neck telling you what to do.

If you do not have this self motivation thing figured out, then it will be easy to find yourself down a rabbit hole doing everything else except the tasks that will move you forward. Achieving nothing day in and day out, week in and week out.

When you go down the route of entrepreneurship, there is no guidance.

You will need to be able to figure things out for yourself.

You have to become a problem solver.

It was one of the difficulties for me, but I am sure you will be more determined than I was,  when I came home from the JOB in the evening.

No matter how motivated I was in my head, my body just flagged. I just couldn’t get the two to work together.

I was exhausted and I didn’t want to look at a computer screen.

Afterall I had been doing so for the greater part of the day already.

My eyes were tired. My body was stiff from sitting still for most of the day producing report after report.

I’m going to be honest, it was a real struggle to find the motivation, at the end of the day, to sit again in front of the computer.

It was a real mental block to get past this first hurdle. Early warning alert.

This is how it played out.

I would return home by 6.30 pm. Full of zest that I was going to write something for my blog or do some marketing task.

I would arrive home make some dinner and sit down in front of the television to eat and before I knew it, it would be 10 pm.

I wouldn’t have even made a start.

It would carry on like this for days on end and the weekends would come and go and still in my head I would be thinking, I will do it tomorrow.

I was the chief procrastinator.

Why I procrastinated for so long, I don’t know, because deep down I wanted to change my life and knew I needed to do so.

What do you do when you are in this situation?

It’s hard making the transition from your day job to your dream life?

First, know your why?

I know you have heard this countless times before. It is beginning to sound like a drone but stop and take some time to really think about this.

If there is a key lesson I have learnt from my mentors on my journey of self-discovery, it is that you really need to know WHY you want to do this.

Why do you want to make those changes?

Believe me not liking your job is not a big enough WHY.

I’ve worked with people who retired and still didn’t like their job, this WHY has never motivated them over the years to do something about it.

It wasn’t enough to make them want to make any changes and they resigned themselves to whining about their miserable life and job until they could retire.

Do you want to be one of those?

No, I thought not so that is a good reason to work out your why?

Sit down and write down all the reasons WHY you want to do this.

Then put them into order, with the least important at the bottom working your way up till you reach your most important reason.

When you have found your top reason,

Ask yourself, Is this enough to make you want to make the changes necessary in your life?

Set Up Your Transition Plan to Create a Life You Love

Write down a date when you will achieve this by.

If you don’t define the time then you will never know when you are going to reach it.

It’s the same if you say I am going on holiday but never make a firm booking, you will probably never go.

So set a firm date when you want this to happen.

Then work out what you need to do in order to reach that goal.

Break it down by month by month, week by week and then by day by day.

Then set up a schedule for each day.

How many hours can you commit to building your education and new life every day?

Let’s be realistic here don’t say five hours when you know you won’t do it.

Better to start small then build this.

It is better to say I can commit to two hours each evening because this is doable for most people.

Two hours is enough to keep on top of things.

Now work out what you will do with those two hours because if you don’t you will be down that rabbit hole of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and who knows what else.

Set out what you need to do to reach this goal by a specific date.

Maybe it is a training you need to complete. But don’t get stuck in training mode. If you watch a training then set aside time to implement what you have learnt and complete any action steps that have been set for you.

The problem for people transitioning is that they stop their job before they are ready .

When should you quit your job?

The only time you should stop is when you have earned enough on a passive basis to replace your current income.

When you have no debt.

When you have at least 6 months’ worth of saving behind you.

Only then can you possibly think of quitting the day number.

That is your incentive. If you want to make the changes to your life.

No one said it will be easy but it can be done.

You can make a fresh start at anytime of the year, no need to wait for the new year or the next month.

When people want a fresh start they make resolutions which frankly we all know do not work and research shows that these are forgotten by the first week of the year.

Simple Steps To Transition to the Digital Life

If you want to achieve your goals then you may be interested in this to help you there.

If you want to transition, then slow but sure always wins the race just like the tortoise and the hare, take your time, prepare, plan and know YOUR WHY.

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

Here’s to living your digital life

The Digital Mum
Do You Want to Get Rid Of Your Daily Commute, Once and For All?

Do You Want to Get Rid Of Your Daily Commute, Once and For All?

.  your daily commute looks like this, then you are probably wondering how to make some changes. This was the scene at London Euston station after an incident with a trespasser on the tracks.

It closed all the trains in and out of the station for several hours – effectively closing Euston Station down, and I just happened to get caught up in it.

This is not my regular commute, I had to travel into London for the day. All was going well until the evening. It was about 18:00 and there was an hour before I was due to get onto my train. So I sat myself down in an upstairs café, away from bustle, where I was able to see the concourse below.

I began to notice the platform getting fuller and fuller.  Now if you’ve spent any time at Euston Station, then you will see this happen regularly, the platform fills up, then there is a rush of people like ants when the platform number is displayed. Then they quickly disperse to catch their train. The concourse empties, just a bit and then the next set of commuters start gathering.

Only on this day, this wasn’t happening.

Instead the board was filled with words that every daily commuter does not want to see DELAYED and then  CANCELLED.

The station got increasingly busier and fuller as bodies crammed in. For safety, the main entrances to the station were shut.

Then came the first announcement which was muffled and unclear, something about a police incident with a trespasser on the tracks just outside the station in Euston. There would be no trains until this was resolved.

The scene appeared to be of utter chaos and you can read a bit more about it Here and also Here.

The few staff were trying to hand out leaflets, it appears that stuff like this happens on a regular basis and so they have outlined a list of alternative routes into and out of Euston.

Here’s what they advise you to do when London Euston Station is closed


Alternative Routes Out of London Euston Station

But What Do You Do When Your Daily Commute Turns To Chaos?

It is always interesting to see what people do in these situations.

Have you heard it said that how you react to these situations, is usually how you show up in many areas of your life?

So what happened next…

The world of the digital age and technology came to the rescue.

The mobile phones were busy as people called loved ones at home to say they were going be delayed and to search for alternative routes.

I heard a few parents, saying good night to little ones,  saying ‘Sorry darling, Mummy is not going to get back home to tuck you in tonight.’Facetime is wonderful at these moments.

One poor mum, said she had two little ones at home with the nanny, her husband was working abroad and she did not know what she was going to do’.

I felt sorry for the pregnant woman, it is not the ideal situation at the best of times, and worse still when you have to take care of another passenger on board.

Everyone was thinking for themselves, at that moment there was one focus on everyone’s mind, How Will I Get Home Tonight?

What were the options for these daily commuters?  

1) Sit it out and wait and hope that the matter will be resolved in a couple of hours and that the trains will be back running again

2) Find an alternative route home. According to the leaflet planner they handed out, for me this was going to take 4:30 hours instead of 3 hours, not quite what you want at the end of a long day, right.

3) Find a hotel room to stay for the night and try again in the morning.

What to do when your daily commute comes crashing down on you.

That’s when I looked up and saw this man opposite me, totally unperturbed. He was sitting and watching a movie, eating a bag of peanuts, one peanut after the other.  In his own blissful world around the scene of chaos unfolding around him. For a moment I thought maybe he didn’t realise what was going on around him. Maybe he was so absorbed in his movie, with his headphones on, maybe, just maybe, he didn’t realise. So, I thought I’d better say something and let him know.

So, I started with ‘You seem rather relaxed there, aren’t you concerned about getting back home with all this chaos unfolding?’

He smiled, a knowing smile, like he had some insider information that had been communicated to him and only him. He replied, ‘This happens all the time, I commute on this route daily, at first I would try to find another way home but it took me so long to do, that I have learnt to just sit and wait it out. It usually resolves in a couple of hours and then you are on your way again’.

It’s always great to have someone to follow, right, someone who has been there before, who knows the way ahead and how to get yourself out of the situation.

I took his advice and I sat it out.

Sure enough about an hour later, the boards started to flash once again with trains starting to run. The second train had my home town as one of the stops on its destination. It wasn’t my booked train, but at that moment I don’t think there was any booking system in operation, and it was a case of getting a train and getting as close to home as possible.

Never before did you see such focus and determination around.

I was getting that train by hook or by crook. I pushed my way through the crowds that were standing and waiting.

In my mind’s eye, I could see myself getting on the train and every bit of my focus and intention was on that one task.

The daily commute – what does all this have to do with you?

Well for one research has shown how it impacts on your health.

Can you imagine all the stress this must have caused those poor mothers who could not get home to their little ones? Or to miss the night tucking your precious one into bed? Not to think about the impact of such stress on your own health 

If you are wondering how you too can end your daily commute once and for all, then have a look at this ,learn how you could make it possible to never face this nightmare on a daily basis.  Don’t let your daily commute wear you down,  maybe it is time to start thinking of a change.

Sometimes, it is easier to follow those who have walked the journey before and know what is ahead. They know when to wait and when to move, and they can show you how. If you would like a mentor to show you an alternative way, just like the man on my commute who knew what to do. Imagine if I had tried to find an alternative route?

What I learnt from this journey, is that when you focus your mind on one thing and one thing only, when you are determined with one task in mind, then you will find a way to make it.

I got that train by the way, Yippee!!!

Will you be getting on your train again tomorrow, and will your daily commute still be wearing you down in years to come?


Living a simple life in the digital world, and you can too.

The Digital Mum


What Will your Next Move Be to Become Digital Savvy ?

What Will your Next Move Be to Become Digital Savvy ?

What Will your Next Move Be to Become Digital Savvy ?

Picture this scenario, you a mum at home wondering what your next move will be?

You’ve scoured the internet in search of the next best thing?

Maybe your date to return to work is looming and you have to leave your adorable bundle in the care of someone else because you have to return to work.

Or your kids are at school and you are wondering what to with the hours in between?

Or maybe you are at the latter stages of parenting and contemplating how not to think of your young adult children going off to university.

What ever your current situation, you are looking at trying something new – but what and where do you start?

Recently a webinar by Digital Mums, just popped up in my Facebook feed (not to be confused with me The Digital Mum, you could easily be mistaken I know  I was intrigued too afterall their name is very similar, without the THE in front, and I have come across them before in my journey of creating this resource for women wanting  to find ways to stay at home and care for their families whilst still able to contribute to the home.

Now I have to give Digital Mums credit where credit is due, they have put together an impressive program of training for mums to help them create a living from home, heck you even get a certificate at the end of it to prove it and they have had the course certified. It seems though it is not without it’s problems, Selfish Mother talks about some of these.  Laura Moore talks about her experience with the course here,And 

So what’s the problem and why are you raising Digital Mums training, you may be asking?

Well there are two things

I have read a couple of posts where there is talk that they are not regularly updating their course content and providing the support they  promise

Now, this is a big NO, NO.

If you have been in this digital space for any period of time you will know that the online field changes by the year, month, day you have to keep on top of these changes.

Have a look at what others who have taken the Digital Mums social media training had to say and then make your own mind up. It seems it is an emotional roller coaster

My second point is the cost of their course

Let me put this into context.

Their target markets – Mums.

Lets break this down.

Mums will fall into one of three categories

1 New Mum – getting to grips with your little one

2 Busy Mum – probably with school aged children

3 Experienced Mum – with teenagers and almost to become adults

Digital Mums target market is mainly New Mums. As a new mum, you’ve carefully nurtured and carried your bundle for 9 months, delivered him or her safely into the world and are now home thinking, I really don’t want to leave my precious bundle at a nursery or return to work. You want to savour every coo and yes even every pooey nappy does not seem so bad compared to the alternative. 

So what’s stopping you from taking their course?

 Money of course.

 Yes, you’ve been on maternity leave, if you’re lucky your employer is paying you for whatever maternity pay you have accumulated or if not then statutory maternity pay has kicked in.

Let’s face it neither is not going to cover the bills let alone cover the cost of the training.

So the point is you’re probably living on one salary, if you are in a relationship, and funds are probably tight and tighter if you are single parent. If you have £1,749 (£2,100 inc. VAT), which is the cost of their Social Media Training Course, when I last checked (it may have gone up down or who knows what by the time you are reading this post) that you are not sure what to do with, then great go for it.

I’ve had a look at what they are offering, though I’ve not actually bought the training program, so I am not able to fully comment about what you will find there, but from what I have seen and heard of Digital Mums, I am sure that you will get training on running social media campaigns and at the end of it a certificate for your efforts. They really have put a lot of work and effort into creating something that is truly a great start for new mums, but the training is narrow and only focuses on this aspect.

But if you are not in that lucky financial boat and are wondering if there’s an alternative

Yes, there is… 


Let me introduce you to the

Female Entrepreneurs Association

Carrie Green started this with the focus of helping women get started and take the leap. Her mantra ‘I can, I will watch me’. With its entry level point membership is $47 per month ( approx. £35 per month) you get to learn everything online in one place with support and a community.

I have been part of the membership, so I am talking from experience as to what you will find behind the scenes. If you have an idea, a passion or interest that you could turn into a wildly successful business, the Female Entrepreneurs Association will teach you all the skills you will need, from setting up your website, branding yourself, social media (there are several bundles covering Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram), creating your own Worksheets, growing your email list, basically everything you need to get a business up and off the ground.

Lets face it, if you learnt to do this for yourself, you can very easily  create a product to help others in the same boat at a fraction of the cost that Digital Mums are asking. Okay so you are not going to get a certificate but the proof will be in what you set up online. You will have the proof of creating your own campaign.

The proof as they say will be in the pudding.

What do you get at the Female Entrepreneurs Association

Bundles covering every aspect of creating an online business – Branding, Website, Social Media, Mindset, Goal Setting, Blogging, List building, How To Make Videos, The Graphics Bundle, The Copywriting Bundle and many more, there’s just so much on offer.

Every month there is a new bundle

You have the chance to be paired up with an accountability partner

Monthly goal setting workshops

Webinars and WOW groups (chance to meet other members online and their unique WOW events)

Monthly Challenges and planners

Female Entrepreneurs Association has everything to get you started to set up your own business, if you have a skill or hobby that you want to turn into a wildly successful business.

Okay, so this is not as straightforward as Digital Mums whose focus is teaching you to manage social media accounts and become a social media manager, it will take a bit of work and some entrepreneurial spirit on your part.

It’s not a step by step system but if you are able to work through the bundles, you will soon understand the principles needed to build your own website, market your own business using social media and also traditional methods and to use these skills to create an income for yourself.

Maybe you’re not the entrepreneurial type, you don’t want to put together all the components and just have a single skill already that you want to hone in one.

Let me introduce you to

Work at Home Heroes by Caitlin Pyle

I recently came across Caitlin Pyle with Work at Home Heroes, when she ran an online  conference, showcasing different ways that you can work from home. In fact that is the name of her website, Work at Home. She runs a hugely successful network and if you are not the entrepreneurial type and just want to have, well a job from home, she promotes using skills you have i.e. in her case she was a proof reader  who got laid off and she turned her skill as a proof-reader into a profitable business and now teaches others how to proof read from home. It’s hugely popular and is only opened at certain times of the year – so you’ll have to register to find out when it is next open, and wait for the  moment to hit you again.

I haven’t personally taken her proofreading course, but I wanted to highlight that there is a lot out there on offer and so you must do your research and find the path that is right for you.

Of course, following this path in some ways, it could feel just like a job, you have to do the work each time and then you get paid.

In many ways that is the same like the course offered by Digital Mums you will have to monitor those clients social media and do the work day in and day out, you will need to get more clients as there will be natural move on from clients once they think it is all up and running and they can maintain it themselves, they move on its inevitable.

The final training I wish to let you know about is one that allows you to obtain online training with a business in a box system.

You don’t need to have a hobby, or prior knowledge and you will learn the skills of online marketing including yes you guessed it Social Media Marketing as part of what they teach.

Six Figure Mentors

The final system that I want to highlight is the Six Figure Mentors, by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. Discloser, *I am a part of this as an affiliate, I will receive commissions for recommending them. I only recommend products that I have tried and use myself.

I have been a part of this community since the first days when it was started by just Stuart Ross around 2010. The saying start before you are ready was certainly true for him then. When I joined, the program had some training, but it is nothing like the training that they have developed since then and it has greatly improved since I started, and I am still there.

There have been some changes in the leadership at first Stuart Ross had partnered up with Daniel Wagner but they parted company as they did not have the same vision moving forward for the business.

Stuart then partnered up with Jay Kubassek and since then they have evolved the company bringing onboard the Digital Experts Academy (DEA) training and business packages for those ready to take their business up to the next level.

So what are you going to get with this training.

Well it is everything, it’s holistic in every sense – they don’t just give you internet marketing, their training starts with YOU. You may think it is going to be technical and marketing, but no, the first modules are dedicated to looking at your mindset and understanding your WHY and setting YOUR GOALS.

They have key team leaders like John Jackson known as JJ, who worked along side Simon Sinek, JJ developed Pinpoint Your Purpose training, where he helps you to pin point your way.

Then there is Justin Woolf who runs the Elite side of the business who has a straight talking manner and helps you focus on your messaging.

Danielle Evans is in charge of helping you get stared outlining your avatar and defining who your target audience is.

Together the team help you to set out these key components early on before you even start marketing.

What do you get for your SFM membership

Step by step training system

Proven business in box model

Training and education

Learn everything to do with social media marketing

Learn how to affiliate market

Developing your Mindset – many don’t realise how key this element is

Access and training to build your own website with hosting

Access to their Digital Bloggers platform – get started blogging with no set up

Free trial period then $29.95 and then a monthly fee of $97


There is a monthly cost which you could argue would not be a fit initially for mums, however once you have put into place the training, it is an earn as you learn system, so you don’t have to work through the whole training or wait for any certificate before you can get started.

They have all the tools you will need in one place, they recently made some changes to their flagship Digital Business Lounge for a small fee, in order to have up to 6 websites hosted with support, but the good news is that it is Free if you only want one site hosted, and frankly when you are getting started that is all you are going to need. There are other features that the Digital Business Lounge provides such as access to Lead Pages to build your landing pages, You Tube Player so that you can set the controls and settings easily on your videos.

What have you got to lose by having a look for free? There is a complimentary 7 Day Video series which walks you through exactly what you will get

Or if you want to know how it all works, then go straight to the three workshops for Free for a real taste of what you can achieve.


I only share information that I think will benefit other women. I have been through countless programs over my years online when I was getting started on my journey and trying to figure this out. I have seen a lot of behind the scenes of other programs that are on offer.

*Disclaimer – I have not been on Digital Mums Social Media Training, so I cannot vouch for it, but from the testimonials and positive comments, it obviously does deliver, and you will learn how to manage Social Media – think about that you will on learn about one skill – Social Media. Why stop at one when you can add a range of skill that will help you keep up to date with the fast moving internet world.

But why stop there when you could learn all the skills associated with building a business online in one place, you don’t have to wait till it opens, it has a step by step system with everything you need in one easy to manage place? 

A Digital Education in one place that will show you how you can finally find the balance in your life. 

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital Lifestyle

Because there is another way!

Here’s to living your digital life

 The Digital Mum

*these are affiliate links and I will receive a commission but I only promote products I’ve tried and researched and offer value do your own due diligence and choose products that are right for you and what you hope to achieve.

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