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Peng Joon, was speaking at the Success Resources seminar, he is not your usual speaker, he appears to be quite a quiet person and he agrees that public speaking is not his strength; making money and products is. Peen Joon has made his mark in the online world and is a recognised authority on making money and selling digital products.
His biggest program ‘Work From No Home’ was inspired by a project that he ran for 30 days to see if he could start with nothing and live away from home and still make money.

He has put together a diary of the 30 days, showing a daily tally of how much money he was making whilst being out in America and enjoying a trip at the same time. He claims that all that all he needed was his laptop and an internet connection (thank goodness for Starbucks he tells us).

Who Is Peen Joon

Peen Joon is a young Malaysian man who was raised in the way of the eastern society to study hard, work hard and become something. He put his mind to his studies and won a scholarship to the UK where he studied at the University of Warwickshire.

But he was a young guy coming from a small rural environment and he became caught up in the environment of his university room mates who had no focus on university and spent much of their time drinking and going out.

Peng Joon engrossed himself in playing computer games and spent most of his study time doing this. The result was that he did not pass his exams and therefore had to pay back his scholarship.

After this, Peen Joon tells us, he had to take a job paying minimum wages in order to repay this debt.

It was going to take him most of his lifetime to pay this debt back.

Peen Jong started to think of solutions to his problem, how can he make extra money to pay back his debt?

That is when he started his first website selling the knowledge that he gained whilst playing all those computers game (never discount anything that you have learnt in life) and he packaged his solutions to attaining the various game levels and sold these online.

Realising that he could make money in this way, Peen Jong began to refine his system which he packaged and his system is known as the fastest way to start generating a 5 figure income on line.

Peen Jong said that it is simple and three things that you need to know and key to his system are:-

1) Automate a niche using ebooks and membership sites
2) Build a product around your niche
3) Solve a problem — Ask How Can I Help Them?

The reason that many entrepreneurs fail is because they have no system, he tells us.

He says the figure is as high as 97% for failure in the online world.

So guess what, he has the system and he is going to give you all the files with all the content and niches all you have to do is to put your name on it, follow the three steps above and you are on your way to success.

Peen Jong usually sells these for £4997 but at this event he brought it down to £1997 for the first 50 people to come forward.

Are you looking for a system?

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