Updated 10.1.2019    

Why the hell is anyone still setting New Year resolutions?  

New Year resolutions are best stored in the cave woman times. They should be shut away for an era that was much simpler and where they possibly had a chance of working — an era long gone.  

As the New Year dawned, I knew that there would be friends and family all over the world, setting themselves their resolutions and asking each other what their resolution would be.  

There is something about the old year and starting anew that makes people want to change their old habits.  

It’s like a shedding of the skin, like snakes trying to leave it all behind.  

Habits they know that have not helped them in the past year and probably even in the year before that.  

A continuous cycle that they haven’ t been able to break over the years.  

They want to leave the old behind and start afresh.

They are full of good intentions as the new year broke forth.

By now, many of them have probably broken them and by the end of this month their New Year Resolution will be totally forgotten at the wayside.

We all have some unwanted behaviour that we wish to change — be it smoking, drinking too much alcohol, spending too much on clothes, nagging too much, being late constantly, being lazy, putting off the things we ought to do today until well … the list could go on I guess.

These behaviours are in fact your coping mechanisms for the way you deal with whatever it is that you cannot face.

You eat out of comfort when you have a problem to deal with,

You shop to make yourself feel better,

You veg in front of the TV to avoid your own life.

We all have an inbuilt self-awareness and know instinctively what it is that we need at any given time — sometimes we listen and others we don’ t.

We have become so out of tune with ourselves over the years.

We forget to listen to these inner most thoughts.

I don’t set resolutions, I set a way of living life each and every day.

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