hard choices

No matter who we are or what we do, we will at some stage of our lives be faced with making choices and decisions.

Sometimes it is easy to make a decision when we know what we want and the path ahead is clear.

But it is not always like this and when the path is unknown we often struggle with those choices.

Ruth Chang talks about Making Hard Choices:-

We all have choices to make, this could be about what work, whether to have children, whether to get married.

Hard choices seem to be a time for agonising for many of us.

What makes a choice hard is the way the alternatives relate to each other.

One choice is not better than the other and each choice has good points and bad points.

Neither is better than the other overall — this she says is what makes a hard choice

They are hard because there is no best option.

When you can’ t figure out which is better you end up taking the easiest option.

They are hard choices because there is no best option.

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