traffic jam

If you are anything like me you absolutely hate being stuck in traffic on the motorway. You know what I am talking about the over head signs that flash ‘Queue after junction’ or the variable speed limit changed to 40 but you haven’ t been able to move out of first gear.

Trying to plan ahead I try to guess what would be the best time to leave to avoid all the traffic.

Are you the early morning driver?

Up before the sun rises, throw a strong coffee down your throat and head off to avoid the main rush.

Or the late night driver who figures that most people don’ t travel at this time of night and the roads should in theory be much clearer?

Or are you the don’ t really care driver do you not really care you leave at what ever time you are ready and take what is ahead as it comes? You’ re laid back and never seem flustered.

Personally, I try to avoid the rush but no matter how much thought and planning you put into it, you can never plan for the unexpected, the accidents, the congestion, the road closures and the miles of roadworks with the reduced speed limits which all add to the journey.

What do you do when you meet up with a traffic jam?

Do you take it on the head, turn up the music and see what snacks you have in the car to keep yourself occupied?

Do you impatiently tap on the steering wheel, creeping forward every few inches and sitting on the car in fronts behind.

Do you think of alternative routes that you could take to avoid this?

One thing I have learned is that how we show up in one part of our life is how we show up in most parts of our life.

So take a moment and think how you react on the motorway and how your react in everyday life when you are faced with the unexpected?

Do you see any similarities?

Sometimes we can’ t predict what’ s ahead we can prepare as best we can for it.

Before setting out on a drive you probably fill up your fuel, check your oil and tyre pressure. You make sure that you are ready and prepared for the trip.

You also probably carry out routine maintenance on your car with a car service and MOT.

You make sure you have insurance for the inevitable.

Before you set off you may even have a look at the road conditions and traffic information to decide which route to take.

When I was sitting stuck on the M6 last week, I turned my mind to thinking how this trip has so many parallels with daily life, with running a business or even raising our kids.

We prepare as much as we can — we read books on childcare and learn how to be great parents

We carry out regularly checks and see how things are going — we review how our children are doing and if they are meeting their milestones

When we reach the unexpected we find a solution to get through the tough times — if anyone has had teenagers then you will know that you will need to find a lot of inner strength and resources to draw upon.

As I turn the engine off when I arrive at my destination, I think how the journey is so aligned to life — you plan but you sometimes can’t avoid

You prepare but you can’ t forsee the future

You review and make sure that you are still on track with where you had planned to be.

As you are on your journey of life

Have you prepared for the journey?

Have you reviewed your goals and dreams?

Are You on The Right Road to get where you had planned to be at this stage of your life journey?

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Photo by EA. Published on 30 August 2009
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