The Simple Guide to Launching Your Own Self Hosted Blog



Let’s be real here, if you want to be anything on line you need a blog.

In this rapidly changing world snowballed by the advances of the internet, women have to keep up their skills and develop them. Not easy if you have taken a break to have a baby, or having a career break to find yourself, right.

Life has changed and moved on. No longer do you have to send messages through the school grapevine, or through other people’s newsletters. If you have a message to share, then you are able to do that yourself.

All you need is a blog.

Sorry, there’s no other way that’s easier than your very own blog in today’s world.

The best and easiest way that I have found in my travels is [Read more…]

Why Was I So Lost Without my Phone?


connected by mobile phone

The reality of living in this digital world really hit home to me when I misplaced my mobile phone.

I had been out one evening and had it with me. In fact, I had been using it prior to leaving the venue I was at.

As I drove off my car media system tried to warn me that my phone device was disconnecting.

Still I did not think anything of it as it has done this in the past for no apparent reason.

I did not make the connection as to why this was until I arrived home.
When … [Read more…]

Digital Footprint – Do you know what your kids are leaving behind them online?


your digital footprint

You children’s digital footprint, Digital Mums you will want to listen to this thought provoking talk on the dangers of what our kids are leaving behind with their Digital Footprint. [Read more…]

What is The Digital Mum and What Can You do for Me?


the digital mum


I’m guessing that you’ve come to this site as you were looking for something to help you make some changes in your life.

Maybe you were looking for a way to use the internet to build some income for you and your family?

Or maybe just looking for some inspiration?

Or to learn how to really get to grips with this [Read more…]

Are You Being Digitally Disturbed?


digitally disturbed

I was sitting in a doctors waiting surgery, being a keen observer of human behaviour, I glanced up to see about ten other individuals around me. Eight of us were all on a mobile device of some sort. Two of the people, who were [Read more…]

Money Vs Passion – Which One Should You Follow and Does Money Matter?


follow you rpassion

I want you yo go back in time, to the period when you were about to leave school.

You were probably asked, what do you want to do?

You were probably about 17/18 years with no idea what you really wanted to do because let’s face it, how many of us really know at that age what we truly want to do with the rest of our lives.

What we really should be asking [Read more…]

Blogging – Avoiding the Stop Start Blogging Cycle and Maintaining Focus


blogging stop start cycle

What happens when you fall into the stop start cycle with blogging. I know what it is like because I have fallen into that blogging hole at various times. No matter how organised we may be as mums, we have to accept that life catches up with all of us at times.

I believe in starting with honesty and I am not going to sugar coat this, I have [Read more…]

What Do You Do When You Come Face To Face With Obstacles?


facing obstacles

Sometimes life runs along smoothly but at other times, no matter how good your best intentions were, we come face to face with obstacles along the way. These obstacles try to deter your every effort form achieving your goal.
This is what happened… [Read more…]

What Do You See When You Look In the Mirror?


 look in the mirror


When you look at yourself in the mirror each morning what do you see?

Do you see someone who is following their dream?

Do you see someone who is following their passion?

Do you see a happy person living a fulfilled life?

Or do you see someone who says [Read more…]