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Life Purpose, or more importantly your life purpose is something that you will start to ponder about at some stage in your life.

When you are younger it may not be very significant, it may not be apparent and it may not even become clear that you were indeed born with a distinct life purpose.

But as you develop or more importantly as you get older — the questions about your life and your purpose on this earth may start to surface.

The reason it takes so long is because we are taught and conditioned to believe that our life purpose is to get an education, have a family, work a job and then retire.

But that is not a life purpose and many don’ t stop to think about why they are on this earth.

What purpose were they born for?

What reason were they given that life to live?

I believe we are all here for a reason, that we all have a life purpose.

Some are lucky enough to instinctively know and pursue it but for others finding out what your life purpose doesn’ t come so easily.

Let me take you back to when you were a young child, you probably still dared to dream. You were open to believing that everything was possible. Right?

So what happened?

For, one the institution of Education was placed upon you.

At school you were moulded into what you ought to do in your life.

To fit into the society in which you were being raised.

As you grew up, questions would turn to what qualifications you needed to obtain?

As you reached stages of independence you were asked

‘How are you going to support yourself?

What job are you going to do?

All those dreams, those possibilities you had as a dreamy 5 year old go flying out of the window.

You do what is expected of you.

You place your dreams in a box and bury them so deep you forget about them.

You place your dreams away and your life purpose fades.

With each passing day you ponder your life and where you are at.

You may reach the mid forties and find yourself asking

What is my life purpose?

‘Am I on the right path in my life?’

The reason for this questioning is that deep down, what you are doing in your life is not making you happy and you are feeling a sense of inner dissatisfaction.

Material items don’ t equate to life fulfillment in the end.

Yes, they are lovely to have,

We all want a lovely home, a family, a great career, enough money for holidays but somehow it just isn’ t enough.

You may start to ask yourself:-

Why am I here?

What have I been put on this earth to do?

What is my message to the world?

What is it that I was meant leave behind?

If you want to find out what your life purpose is in 5 minutes, then listen to this TED Talk.  

 How To Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes by Adam Liepzig.

Adam Liepzig presents an interesting but simple way of discovering your life purpose.

It revolves around five key questions.

Who you are?

What you do?

Who you do it for?

What people want or need?

What those people get out of what you could give and how they changed as a result?

At the end, hopefully you will be able to work out  your life purpose or at the very least be that much closer to working it out.

Work out your life purpose by answering these five questions.

1)         What is you first name ?  That is who you are.

2)         What do you love to do?  It could be to write, to cook, to create, to code numbers, to talk, to teach.  Then focus it down a bit more. What is the one thing that right now you feel supremely qualified to teach other people? That is what you should do. If you aren’ t sure, he suggests going back to a time between the ages of 10 -14, this is usually a creative period when many people discover what they enjoy spending their time doing. What things did you enjoy then? What did you find yourself absorbed in?

3)         Who you do it for? Think about who will need this thing that you can teach? Hold that person/people in your mind.

4)         What do those people want or need that they come to you to get this thing?

5)         How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

When you look at those five questions, you may realise that only two of these things are about yourself.

The other three are about other people.

In discovering your life purpose

You may discover that it may be not about you,  but how your life will affect others.

I wish you well in your journey called life.

The Digital Mum





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