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The Benefits of A 90 Day Challenge

It is always good to take stock of where your are and to set yourself new challenges. This mentally and physically kickstarts you once again. So I have set myself a 90 Day Challenge and over the following 90 days I am going to map out all that I am doing in order to continue building an online business and a passive income online.

      • My mission has been to find out if it is really possible when you reach your mid to lateish forties (still coming to terms with that) to embrace the wonders of modern living namely the internet and if you can earn a viable living online.
      • Over the next 90 days, I have set myself various challenges and I am going to make them public and share with you the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the best way to get started. By making it public you announce your intentions and then you are more focused to show what stuff you are made of.


      • I am assuming that like me when I first started out online that you have no prior knowledge of the internet and the most you did was to check your email. Maybe with some reluctance you perhaps opened up a Facebook account – just to see what others were doing of course, but you never really posted anything yourself for fear of posting it to the whole world instead of the private message you had planned.


      • I started my online journey a few years ago and although I made a few dollars here and there, I just never seemed to be able to build it up to the levels that I planned. I would hear of people all around me making thousands of dollars each day and how once they made their fortune they said that it was not about the money. The money they said means nothing to them. Really, do they remember why they got started in the first place? What I noticed was that newbies would start out on line, but were hitting the top of the leader board in their first 90 days. So I figure that there is is some mileage in setting and re-setting 90 Day Challenges.


When I was struggling, I used to think it must be me. There must be something wrong with me and that’s why this is not working.

      • Or maybe it is the system maybe I need another system.
        But somehow, I just could never press the button to end it all.
      • To press the button to cancel would be like pressing the dream button on my life to end.
      • I just couldn’t do it and somehow, deep within me I just knew that there must be a way.I had a system as they had.
      • I had the same amount of hours in a day.
      • So why were they reaching their goals whilst at best all I seemed to be doing was muddling along?So in comes the 90 Day Challenge.
      • The great part of a 90 Day Challenge is that it is habit forming and when you do something each and every day, the habit starts to form. It becomes embedded in your mind.You have to do it.When you don’t complete your daily challenge and you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with a night terror because you have overlooked your challenge for the day you know that has started to embed.It makes you jump out of your bed no matter the time of day, because you become so focused to achieve your 90 Days. But the great part, is that once you are in the daily habit, once the 90 days ends then you just keep going because it is now second nature and has become part of your routine.That is why 90 day challenges are so great.My 90 Day Challenge includes:-
        1) To blog daily on The Digital Mum for 90 days.
        2) To record a video of myself each day for 90 days.
        3) To journal daily for 90 days.
        4) To exercise daily for 30 minutes a day.

        If you want to find out how I am doing, then don’t forget to book mark ‘The Digital Mum’ site where I plot out my 90 day journey online whilst holding down a full time job.

      • Can it really be done?That’s the question I ask myself every day so take my hand as we mark out a digital footprint.Let’s spread the word about the digital world

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Photo by Stuart Miles.
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