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We are so dependent upon our gadgets and devices that we never expect the unexpected until it happens to you.

I have become so reliant on my Sat Nav, often it is not until I am in the car that I program in the postcode and am soon off on my way.

Before the age of sat navs, I used to print out a map, with the turn by turn directions, I would know exactly where I was going before I even got into the car and knew exactly how I was going to get to my destination.

But embracing the Digital age, afterall living life as a digital mum means that we need to means that

Now I don’t go anywhere without my trusted sat nav.

Or should I say without the trusted sat nav – I ain’t going anywhere.

As mentioned, I never check or plan ahead for my route and rely totally upon my sat nav to get me to my destination.


It happened like this,

One day in the middle of nowhere my Sat Nav died on me.



No output at all.

I tried to reset.

Re start.

Hell, I even tried talking to it. (I know don’t judge)

But it was over between us, my trusted sat nav had led me to nowhere and left me there.

That’s when I remembered I had another device so all was not lost.

I still had my phone. Relief.

So it was onto to google maps.

Well you wouldn’t believe it.

Each time I tried to access google maps, I received ‘error in loading maps’.

The silly thing is it kept returning this message ‘error in loading maps’ and I kept trying in the vain hope it would stop.

So two devices later – I was no further on in my journey.

I guess there was nothing for it but to do it the old fashioned way – our children may wonder how we ever got about before the age of technology.

Here’s what I did.

I had to ask a person for directions.

Yes, it was a simple solution in the end and didn’t involve any technology even in this digital age.

My Lesson today – Our devices and technology are wonderful but don’t become reliant upon them always know where you are going on that journey and where you are going in life.

The Digital Mum








Images :

GPS Device Stock Photo

Photo by graur razvan ionut.

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