90 Day Challenge

Four weeks into this 90 Day Challenge and that means I am a quarter of the way through. You would have thought it is getting easier by now and that the habits are starting to form. After all, research has shown that habits take at least 21 days to fully form.

So how has this week been on my 90 Day Challenge?

A brief recap of those goals again :-

My 90 Day Challenge includes:-
1) To blog daily on The Digital Mum for 90 days.
2) To record a video of myself each day for 90 days.
3) To journal daily for 90 days.
4) To exercise daily for 30 minutes a day

So how has it been?

Challenge 1 —Blog Daily

Blogging daily has been a journey of finding my voice. It’ s been a challenge in itself thinking about what to blog each day and coming up with content. What information do I share and who am I sharing this with?

I recently talked about a trip to Paris with a friend and her children and what it was like taking the children to Paris in one of my blog posts. Now this is not specifically connected specifically with the The Digital Mum at first glance, and I wondered whether to use or scrap it, but on closer inspection I found that I could link this experience to how the online world has changed the way we do things.

As a Digital Mum, this starts from researching online, to booking and buying tickets- it has become so much a part of our every day lives that we don’ t even stop to think about it as anything extraordinary — but living in this Digital Economy and Digital Age has made life easy in so many respects and opens up so many doors and opportunities and I will be talking about these as I progress in this challenge.

What I have found is that to blog daily requires determination, a step by step system and of course daily action. It hasn’ t always been easy to blog each and every day and to set up the scheduled posts and some nights I have been up till quite late doing so and have managed so far to blog daily.

Week One Blogs

Week Two Blogs

Week Three Blogs

Sunday 23 August – An App That Will Show The Emotion On Your Face – Can A Computer Really Read Emotion

Monday 24th August –   Driving-tests-young-people-in-charge-of-a-lethal-machine/

Tuesday 25th August –Henna-night-what-to-expect-when-going-to-a-henna-party/

Wednesday 26th August – Eurostar-would-you-take-the-journey-on-eurostar/

Thursday 27th August –Day-two-taking-the-kids-to-Paris-no-you-havent-lost-the-ability-to-read-and-yes-you-can-learn-whilst-on-holiday/

Friday 28th August – Day-three-how-to-pack-in-paris-with-the-children-what-to-avoid-and-how-to-plan-your-day/

Challenge 2

2) To record a video of myself each day for 90 days.

No further progress on this as yet.

Challenge 3
3) To journal daily for 90 days.

Journaling is the time I spent each day reflecting on the day ahead and what I have achieved at the end of the day.

At the start of the day I write three things that will move me forward today in my goals.

At the end of the day, I write down three things that have made my day worthwhile and worth living.

Giving thanks and being gracious for each day is an important part of our psyche.

Why don’ t you try adding this simple aspect to your daily life.

Challenge 4
4) To exercise daily for 30 minutes a day

Really making good progress on this front and enjoying the daily exercise. If I find my mind toying with missing a session I can feel immediate guilt flood through me and I have to steer myself back. I take myself to my yoga mat and lay down and start with a simple hug and roll sideways on my spine to give it energy after laying on it for the entire night. This simple action awakens my body and I fall easily into my simple daily exercise routine ending with my Salute to The Sun.

I have been trying to hit my goal of 5000 steps more frequently this week. This involved carrying my phone on my person so that each little trip like to the ladies is measured as you wouldn’ t believe how much it all adds up to each time.

Here’ s how my S Health App measured my steps this week

Sunday 23 August –                       5951

Monday 24th August –             1640

Tuesday 25th August –             5110

Wednesday 26th August – 6323

Thursday 27th August –         5978

Friday 28th August –                 6043

Sat 29th August –                             5877

My best week yet, I met my target of 5000 steps 6/7 days. The reason for Monday being so low was due to the British weather and it pouring down with rain all weekend.

Having this visual challenge has made me think of my goals and actions each day.

It is in my radar and awareness.

Whilst I haven’ t been able to start the video challenge, I feel that it is more important to ensure the flow of the daily blog posts which has been taking up the bulk on my time.

Set yourself a daily challenge, this could be for 7 days, 30 days, or even if you are feeling brave 90 days.

Here’ s to living your digital life
Spreading the word about the Digital World
Because there is another way!

The Digital Mum




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