90 day challenge

This week I am beginning to wonder what possessed me to start this 90 Day Challenge. Yes, you guessed it is getting harder. I can’ t quite figure it out as I would have expected that by now I would be developing the habits that I have been doing over the past three weeks but it seems they are not quite ingrained as yet. I know this as the internal battle between the brain and the body when it is time to awake in the morning results in heavy warfare between the two.

Quick recap on my 90 Day Challenges :-

1) To blog daily on The Digital Mum for 90 days.
2) To record a video each day for 90 days.
3) To journal daily for 90 days.
4) To exercise daily for 30 minutes a day

Here’ s How I did in Week 1

Here’ s How I did in Week 2

Week 3 — What Have I Let Myself In For

Challenge 1 —Blog Daily

This week has been more of a juggling act, and instead of having all my content written and ready to post I had only managed to do so for half of the week. This therefore meant that I felt under real pressure for the remainder of the week to get up early and write the content for my blog. Afterall, I had set myself a challenge and I was not giving up.

I can’ t tell you how much of an internal battle it has been and whilst I love writing it has been a case of making myself sit down and just write. There is no other way.

I carry around my little book (some say I should be using Evernote — but I haven’ t got round to learning how to use it for more than my shopping list, like anything it is really easy so I hear and aren’t you trying to be The Digital Mum but until you sit down and play around with it it makes the use of a pencil when you were starting out seem real easy).

In my book I write out ideas for blog posts, then when I have time I write these in a draft format. When is time to post, I chose a draft, edit and fine tune the post and schedule them ready to go out.

I have managed to post every day this week and have fought those internal battles of procrastination well. Round 1 goes to The Digital Mum

Challenge 2- Record a Video Daily

I will be starting another 90 Video Challenge and when I do it will be to post them publicly — that is going to be the real challenge!

Haven’ t been able to make a start on this just yet.


Challenge 3 — Journal Daily

Berating myself as I have not spent as much time with my journal this week as I would have liked been too busy trying to catch up on my post schedule. Maybe just maybe This Digital Mum stuff is more challenging than I thought it was going to be.

Challenge 4 – Exercise Daily

Week 3 and I crave my exercise first thing in the morning. My body actually reminds me if I try to do without it. I can hear the messages

‘Heh aren’ t we working out today?’

‘Take a look at that belly.’

‘Don’ t you think it needs some help?’

You’ ve been sitting at the desk all day, it’ s been raining and you haven’ t been able to get out to walk as much I hear the boom going on internally.

So I have the S Health App and I have set it up to record my daily steps.

Here’ s my daily steps for the week:

Sat 15th Aug —          3399

Sunday 16th Aug —     7697

Monday 17th –                     5067

Tuesday 18th Aug –     2218

Wed 19th Aug –                     2383

Thur 20th Aug –                 2535

Fri 21st Aug –                     8686

The challenge I have set myself was 5000 steps per day.

I have reached my goal 3/7 days.

Still not great but my excuse is the British weather.

So much for summer.

It was been chucking down with rain for the past week and hence the decline in my daily steps.

Friday the sun came out and as you can see, I took full advantage. Let’ s hope next week I can beat this week’ s total.

Week 3 of my 90 Day Challenge has been a battle.

I’ m not going to lie. I’m telling you as it is what it feels like to set up a blog and manage this whilst holding down a full time job.

It’ s a daily battle to make myself continue.

I think the habits are almost ingraining but are not quite there just yet.

Because I put this 90 Day Challenge out publicly, I feel more incentivised to continue. I know that I can do this.

What do you do when you feel that it is all getting to much?

Do you give up?

Do go on?

Do you call it a day and return to what you are used to doing, can you really be a digital mum?

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90 day challenge



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