90 day challenge

With any goal or challenge that you set, it is good to take stock. You can do this on a daily, weekly  or monthly basis and as you move deeper into your goals you will probably be taking yearly, five  or even ten yearly  reviews.

But let’ s talk baby steps here and it is time for the first week review of my 90 Day challenge. I know I’ m only at week one!

Here is what I set myself for my 90 Day Challenge:-

1) To blog daily on The Digital Mum for 90 days.

2) To record a video of myself each day for 90 days.

3) To journal daily for 90 days.

4) To exercise daily for 30 minutes a day

So how has the 90 Day Challenge  been going?

I’ m not going to sugar coat it and say it has been easy.

In fact it was damn hard getting through the first week.

Challenge 1 —Blog Daily

First of all when the alarm went off at 6am the last thing I wanted to do was to get out of my comfy bed and go and write a blog post. But the golden hour of the morning whilst it is quiet and everyone is still enjoying their slumber is the best time to get started on those dreams.

So there I was each morning this week, sat in front of the computer screen shortly after 6am wondering what the hell to tell you. But if you want to see what I came up with you can check the posts out here :-

Day 1 — Why Would You Take On A 90 Day Challenge

Day 2 —Unbiased Review of the Success Resources Seminar 2015

Day 3 — The Happiness Man – Andrew Matthews

Day 4 –   Nick Vujicic — No Arms No Legs, No Limbs No Limits

Day 5 –   JT Foxx — No 1 Wealth Coach

Day 6 – Peng Joon — How to Turn Your Laptop into a money machine

Day 7-   James Macneil International Speaker trainer and coach

Challenge 2- Record a Video Daily

A little bit of a twist on this one, as I had already started on a 90 Video Challenge within my online community. This has been a really hard challenge, if you are anything like me, I don’ t like seeing myself on camera!!

So  I have already completed the 90 Day Video challenge and have made a video of myself each and every day. They aren’ t long and they are more for my own learning than to impart any knowledge at this stage.

I have stopped short of posting them anywhere just yet — like I said baby steps. There is one thing that I can already see from completing the video challenge  is that I have already become more comfortable seeing myself on the camera and am more aware of all my fillers and annoying habits.

There’ s nothing like the plain hard truth staring  back at you in the camera.

I will be starting another 90 Video Challenge and when I do, it will be to post them publicly — that is going to be the real challenge.

Challenge 3 — Journal Daily

Journalling is like emptying your mind each morning to make way for the new thoughts to flow in. When you see it on paper it either makes  sense or you realise what crazy thoughts you have been having.

Either way it helps to channel you.

I don’ t spend long and keep a journal and pen (yes I still use one of those things even in the Digital World). Then for 10-15 minutes I just write what ever comes into my head. I don’ t stop the thoughts.

I let them flow and write whatever comes into my head.

Some days I am over in ten minutes and others the time has flown and I have to stop myself.

But one thing after I have written in my journal I feel free of the burden of anything in my head.

Journaling is a great way to focus and remind yourself of your  goals and clear out thoughts.

I like to think of it like my mental cleansing each day.

Challenge 4 – Exercise Daily

I am not sure which was harder the blogging and getting the brain to think or the exercise and getting the body to move?

But I have to say it is starting to become a part of my daily habit.

I don’ t spend long on this just 15 minutes with some simple stretches – it’s amazing how we forget to stretch. Watch a baby they do it naturally.

Tummy toners (you need it when you get to my age),

Cat pose to keep the spine supple after all the sitting typing up blog posts,

the Tree Pose   to keep strong,balanced and rooted and

always finish with

Three Salutes To the Sun to get the heart pumping and energise the body.

Yes, I’ m a Yoga addict and always have been, it’s a great way to start the day.

I make up the remaining 15 minutes by walking each day.

So overall I am rather pleased with myself at the end of Week 1 of my 90 Day Challenge.

Have you started on yours yet?

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