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Weekly Reviews, Updates and Checking In – Week 2 Progress of 90 Day Challenge

I’ ve arrived at the second week of the 90 Day Challenge, and already I am wondering how I am going to keep up this pace. Let say it’ s certainly had it’ s challenges. The early mornings, trying to write inspiring content, not to mention coming up with content in the first place is all taking a lot more time than I thought it would.

Just to recap on what my challenges were:-

Here is what I set myself for my 90 Day Challenge includes:-
1) To blog daily on The Digital Mum for 90 days.
2) To record a video of myself each day for 90 days.
3) To journal daily for 90 days.
4) To exercise daily for 30 minutes a day

 Here’ s how I did in Week 1 Review

Week 2 — It is Already Getting Rather Challenging

Challenge 1 —Blog Daily

Although I’ m feeling the pressure of the pace and the challenge to think up new and interesting content ideas, I am glad to say that I managed to post every day this week. I have been setting up a schedule of posts through the week.

I find that I work best over the weekend where I have time to plan and work out my posts and draft them out. I then sit on one day and clean them up and add pictures and generally tidy blog posts up so they are easier to read. Then I schedule the blog posts for the week so that each morning between 8 -8.30 am my blog post is published.

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Challenge 2- Record a Video Daily

As I mentioned last week, I had already completed a 90 Video challenge and was going to start another but the producing of the blog post content has meant that I have put this on hold for the moment. I feel it is better to focus my energy on one thing and become proficient in that and also I am struggling to share out my time equally so I have had to prioritise.

I will be starting another 90 Video Challenge and when I do it will be to post them publicly — that is going to be the real challenge!

Challenge 3 — Journal Daily

I still journal and have to admit that it is not every day as I am so focused on writing my blog posts that I find writing the blog posts is in some way combining the two. I feel that journaling, like blogging is essentially helping you to find your voice again.

Finding the words to express what you want to convey.

What your life philosophy is and your plans.

The difference is the journal is more private and there are just some things you aren’ t ready to share and those go in the journal.

The thoughts about the world and my life lessons I choose to share with you.

I am still spending 10 -15 minutes on my personal development work through my journal — this I believe is an important part of self-growth and development.

Challenge 4 – Exercise Daily

Week 2 and my body aches more from the first week of being pushed and pulled in directions that it is just simply not used to doing. I guess this week it is rebelling.

Have I kept my exercise regime up each and every day?

I am proud to say, Yes I have.

I have completed my daily 15 minutes of Yoga Practice including Salute To the Sun each morning as I jump out of my bed. It is starting to form as part of my daily routine though the internal battle with the brain continues about whether to just skip it for that day and have another 15 minutes lay in. I have not succumbed yet to those negative thoughts.

I have been trying to increase my walking because let’ s face it sitting in front of a computer all day does nothing for one’ s rear end.

So I have the S Health App and I have set it up to record my daily steps.

 Here’ s my daily steps count for the week:

Sat 8th Aug —                         4133

Sunday 9th Aug —         7498

Monday 10th –                     10243

Tuesday 11th Aug –     2616

Wed 12th Aug –                     6151

Thur 13th Aug –                     3886

Fri 14th Aug –                         4620

The challenge I had set myself was 5000 steps per day. I know that that isn’ t lot but as I say baby steps especially as you can see that I have only met this challenge 3 out 7 days this week so not very good. I did really well on Monday and in my mind this compensated for the other days when I almost met the challenge. (I know it doesn’ t work that way but a girl has to try)

It is important to take breaks and walk and Tuesday was one of those days when I was so engrossed in my work that I have to admit I totally did not take my own advice. I do not recommend following this low step count and suggest that you set yourself a daily step challenge.

Start with small challenges and gradually increase this.

Week 2 has presented it’ s challenges and it is only 14 days into the 90 Day Challenge. I am beginning to wonder have I taken on too much?

What are you like? Do you find yourself taking on too much?

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