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Unbiased Review of the Success Resources Seminar 2015

I was looking forward to the Success Resources Seminar 2015, my internal energy levels were starting to sag and I hoped that the Success Seminar held in May 2015 at the Excel London would give me a boost and lift my manifestation energy levels. I was looking forward to hearing the two keynote speakers, Andrew Matthews and Nick Vujicic.

I have been a fan of Australian Andrew Matthews and have all his books, ‘Follow Your Heart and Being Happy’, so to see him live and illustrating at an event was as they say down under, going to be ‘awesome’.

The main keynote was of course, Nick Vujicic who is a truly inspirational being and brought with him a vibrant energy and return to moral values.

Now, I have to admit that I was a bit concerned having read a mixed bag of reviews of the Success Seminar held last year so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

On the one hand, some reviews came across as rather dour and dismissing of the event and had a very negative approach. I could only hope that this was probably due to lack of some success in the reviewers own life and that they may have therefore missed the whole point of the success seminar event.

So, there was only one way to find out for myself whether the Success Resources Seminar 2015 lived up to its name and to a mixed bag of reviews.

My Thoughts About The Day

My first grievance came with the timing of the day.

It was held on a Bank Holiday Monday when I should be having a lie in, but I was up at the crack of dawn to tackle the two trains and then the DLR to the venue.

Keen to get there just before the start time in order to register between 8 -9am, I was rather pleased that I had arrived early by 8.30am.

Registration was very organised with desks and staff ready to help. It involved filling in our details once again (surely they have this already when we purchased the tickets?). So having to part with my email address and mobile number once again, I wondered what else was to come – with no doubt in my mind that this was to enable them to follow up with hard selling in the next few days and weeks – so I will keep you posted on that front.

Registration entitles you to receive a workbook which contained information about all the speakers with sections to make notes. Each registrant was also given a raffle ticket to enter into a free prize draw.

As I entered the event room, the event guides at the door had no idea where I was supposed to put the said raffle ticket whilst they quickly ushered me to my seat as the event had already started and Andrew Matthews was already on stage.

Now not only had I missed the start of the event, now I had to worry that all chances of winning in the raffles were significantly diminished or in reality down to zero.

Anyway, feeling rather peeved that I had missed the start of Andrew Matthews as he was the first speaker and we were provided with no line up for the day. I sifted through the work book trying to find the programme for the day.

But alas there was none.

No order of speakers.

No timing of speakers throughout the day.

It was part of their ploy, because let’s face it, we had all really only come to see Nick Vujicic. If we knew the timing of when he would be on stage, why would we stay for the whole day of pitch fest?

The purpose of these events, like Success Resources Seminars and Millionaire Mind Intensive is for business entrepreneurs and Speakers to showcase their products and sell, sell, sell.

success resource seminar

How Does It Work?

Basically each of the speakers in the morning session had 90 minutes whilst the afternoon speakers had a mere 60 minutes to pitch their products. I think this was due to the timing of the day starting to overrun and a few speakers droning on about the number of celebrities and millionaires they had met and who were now part of their network.

In fact they were running so late that Nick Vujicic only came out at 7.30pm by which time many people were just fed up of the wait.

I know the person beside me had come especially for that reason but could not wait any longer and left early. Some left before actually seeing Nick Vujicic and missed a great opportunity.

Overall rating of the event: 5/10

My Reasons for this:

• The day was much too long.
• The speakers who had 90 minutes really started to drone on about their products and began to push with the hard sell. The 60 minute speakers had to try to push their product really quickly.
• I know these events are somewhat of a pitch fest but it was sickening to see grownups knocking each other down to be the first 97 to the table in order to get the product for the knock down price of £2497.

• The crowd were enticed to shout out affirmations throughout the day such as : –

‘I’m going to take action’
‘That’s for me’
‘I’m going to make a change’.

It is all part of the underlying psychology. By getting people to stand up as they pitch their offer and repeat words such as ‘that’s for me’ and ‘I’m going to take action’ there is the higher likelihood that they would take action – after all they are already on their feet.

If I had to high five one more stranger, it would be one more high five too many. I lost count of the number of times we were asked to turn the person next to us and high five them.

The Hard Sell of the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI)

After lunch Mac Attram, the main presenter played a video from T Harv Eker inviting ‘everyone’ to the next MMI event in London for free. Yes, it was going to be for free. Everyone was told to fill in the slip in their workbook after all what have they got to lose – it is for free.

Only they need to provide a credit card because if they book but don’t turn up and let the event organiser know then they will be charged for not attending.

Then he was in for the hard sell, Marc Attram tells the crowd you are all VIP’s – Very Important People – this event is free why don’t you upgrade to VIP – after all you are a VIP –

Don’t you think that you are important enough to part with £197.

Don’t you deserve to give yourself the VIP treatment? he asks them.

Aren’t you important enough?

By now you may be asking, what do VIP ‘s get?

Well from what I can understand, they get a workbook so all they have to do is fill in the blank spaces in their workbooks. Just imagine they don’t have to write out word for word all the slides because they are VIP’s. And they get to sit in the front of the room because that’s where VIP’s sit. All for £197 – a bargain?

I have always liked the work of T Harv Eker and have read his book ‘The Millionaire Mind’ but after the pitch fest about the MMI London, I really did not feel up to being pitched at constantly for a full three days at the MMI London even if it is free unless I don’t turn up, then I get charged for not being there. Huh, does that even make sense, I pay for not attending?

Did I learn anything from the day at the Success Resources Seminar?

Yes, I did as it is always good to keep educated in whatever field you are in. It was interesting to hear the new speakers that I hadn’t come across before and to learn about their take and perspective and to learn some strategies that they had put into place.

You don’t always have to buy you can listen and hear and take away what resonates with you.

Over the coming days, I will be covering some of the speakers in more depth with an evaluation on their talk and product.

I am totally unbiased as I am not affiliated to any product that was on offer at the Success Seminar.

Nor did I buy any but I will tell you what I saw and thought during their presentation.

Would I go to the Success Seminar 2016?

Probably not, I just wasn’t feeling the success, at least not in the middle of all the high fives and scrambles to the desks to purchase products. I really couldn’t bring myself to do the happy clapping and high fiving surely there’s a more dignified approach to success than this?

On saying that, it is refreshing to attend events, (even though secretly I hate events but that’s between you and me).

They do provide an alternative perspective to what is going on in the field.

After all, if you are a professional, don’t you continue to attend events and training?

So why would it be any different in the personal development world.

You take from it what you are ready to receive. I believe that success will come when you are ready to embrace it and are ready and open to receive.

A few years ago, I would never have dreamt of attending a success seminar, I viewed them as a bunch of losers trying to find a futile way but I realised that it was only me who was losing out by not expanding my mind and outlook on life.

The Success Seminar was worth going to it as it makes me realise that the system that I already use works for me.

I enjoy the community that I am a part of and I have all the education and tools that I need. I had no need to scramble over bodies in order to grab a so called bargain offer.

Sometimes, it is just good to know what is out there.

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