Let’s paint the scenario. You sit down to write, but your brain is all over the show.

Where do you even start?

What types of blog posts should you write?

type of blog post

Content creation is key to a successful blog. But what type of content should you write?

If you know what type of blog post to write, this could help your blog content strategy.

To clarify, this will make writing blog posts much easier. Above all, it can also help to keep you focused.

I know that types of blog posts may not seem very interesting. Maybe it isn’ t. But it is important.

Above all, what you need to remember is that the reader does not care about what type of post it is.

They don’ t go round looking for a list post or a how to post.

They simply come across your list post. They decide whether the content is interesting. Or whether it solves their problem.

Before they decide to read it.

Whichever types of posts you are writing, there are really only two things you will need to bear in mind when creating content.

  1. Is your content interesting?
  2. Does your content solve your readers problem?

I know this seems simple. Maybe even basic. And it is.

If you don’ t follow those two basic principles when writing all your blog content. You will fail.

You can write hundreds of blog posts and still have no readers, if they don’ t do those two things.

That is to say, you can write many blog post types and still have zero readers, if they don’ t follow those two things.

Two Things To Follow On Every Blog Post

Keep it simple. Keep it interesting. Keep it focused.

All you need to remember is this. Blog post types, are for you and not your reader.

What! I hear you. Aren’ t I writing for my reader?  

Yes. And that is why no matter what blog post type you write, each post must provide value.

Make sure you use those two things in each post to write valuable content.

blog post types

These are the 8 types of blog posts which you will find on popular blogs.

#1 How To Post

#2 List Post

#3 Round Up Post

#4 Secrets Post

#5 Opinion Post

#6 Tools Posts

#7 Income Posts

#8 Blog Series Posts

Let’s get started, with the 8 types of blog posts to grow your blog.

#1 How To Post

If you have something of value to teach, then a how to post is one of the best ways to do so.

Just think about it. If your reader is struggling with how to do something. If they find your post which shows them step by step how to do what they are struggling with. Then this is a successful post.

Because they want to find content that tells them how to fix their problem. They will want to read it.

Lay out the clear and simple instructions they need to to to get better at that one thing.

How to posts are by far the most popular type of posts you can have on your blog.

They help your reader to improve their life in some way.

For example, How to start a blog step by step

And How to write your first blog post

When you are writing how to’ s or tutorials.

Don’ t forget that they still need to be interesting and relatable in some way.

#2 List Posts

List posts are super popular.

They are so easy.

It can be a list of tips, ideas, tricks, quotes, resources, recipes…

The options are endless depending on your niche.

You find great content. Put it all together in an easy to understand list.

And you have a list blog post.

List posts give people a lot of tips in one giant blog post.

It saves them time. They don’ t have to hunt around for the content.

You have done the hard work for them. You have just saved them a whole lot of time.

Here’s what some list posts would look like :-

9 Essential Blogging Tools On A Budget (That Every New Blogger Will Want to Have)

13 Essential Blog Post Actions Before You Hit Publish (Free Checklist)

8 Things You Should Know When Deciding on a Domain Name

List posts can be a fantastic way of presenting information to your reader.

If you can get their attention and remember to add value to your reader then you are on your way to a successful blog.

#3 Round Up Post

What is a round up post? Isn’ t this the same as the list post?

No. Not really.

Here’ s why.

A roundup post is basically a list of items, people, ideas, strategies, tips etc.. all bundled up in a great blog post.

The bigger the round up the better it will do on social media for sharing and commenting.

This Post is a good example of a round up post. It tells how 12 other mom bloggers are monetizing their blog.

Round up posts are amazing for traffic, comments and shares

types of blog post to gain traffic

#4 Secrets Post

Let’ s face. We all like to know what is going on around us.

Whether in the office. In the family whatsapp group. Your friendship group.

Those secrets which you tell but know that Suzy is not going to be able to keep to herself.

If you can offer your readers some tried and true secret tips.

Tips which have been kept under wraps.

They will want to know more. Your post will be that more valuable to them.

The secrets post is also great for making a headline.

This post is a secrets post.

What’ s Happened to Pinterest — Why are Pinterest views going down?

Everyone wanted to know the secret about the drop in traffic on Pinterest accounts and I had a lot of eyeballs to that post.

#5 Opinion Post

Bringing your own viewpoint and opinion will make your content unique.

Bring your own personality into the post.

Sometimes you may have a strong view or opinion on something.

Make sure that what you are writing is not offensive to others.

Share opinions that are not hurtful.

We have all seen people sharing opinions on Twitter or Facebook and finding themselves in hot soup.

You don’ t want to be one of those.

But do share your views and opinions (with those cautions).

Do you have a personal experience that you can share?

Maybe you have a unique point of view?

People want to know what you believe in that topic.

Another way to share an opinion post, it to feature other bloggers on your blog.

Perhaps they have an unusual viewpoint or something of value that they can offer to your readers.

When you feature someone on your blog, they are more likely to share your post and comment on your post.

blog post types to write

#6 Tools Posts/Product Reviews

People love tools posts. They just do.

Bloggers know this.

This is why they have tools posts on their blog.

It is a popular post type because you can add your affiliate links to these posts.

You can offer unique tips with the tools.

9 Essential Blogging Tools On A Budget (That Every New Blogger Will Want to Have)

How To Use Pinterest to Gain Blog Traffic When You Are Starting Out – 15 Cool Tricks –

When completing tools post, it is a good idea to include product reviews.  

If you have used the tool, then tell your reader how you found it to be useful to you and how they might use it too.

Your reader is more likely to buy a tool that has been recommended by someone they trust.

Your reader will need to know why they should trust your opinion. Let’ s face it, there are thousands of other reviews they could go and read.

That means you need to be 100% honest with them.

This means giving them the good as well as the bad.

Every product has its flaws.

 Are you honest enough to tell your readers about those as well so that they can make an informed decision.  

#7 Income Posts

There’ s a real divide about income posts. Especially when you are starting out you may not have anything to show.

Personally, I don’ t share income posts. I don’ t like them. They seem tacky.

However, it is a popular strategy to share your blog growth.

It is popular with bloggers.  

Like this one

How We Made $81,013.99 in May 2021 (Blog Income Report)

There’ s no denying it that people feel inspired by blog income reports. Otherwise why would bloggers write them.

Here’ s one that looks at 100 Blog Income Reports to Inspire Your Blogging Journey

Readers want to see how you’ re building your blogging empire.

On the other side of the coin.

They also want to see if you fail too.

People want to learn from you.

If you can share your successes as well as your failures (I mean challenges).  

You can gain a strong loyal group of people following you because they want to know what happened on your journey.

#8 Blog Series Posts

Series posts are awesome.

They give you automatic content to write about.

Maybe it is a big topic in your niche. Which you can break up into little blog posts.

So maybe over a week, you have a series of how to start up your blog. You can do one step on each day, with a different post over a set period of time.

Breaking it down into these steps will also make it easier for your reader.

blog post types to grow blog


We’ ve covered 8 types of blog posts.

If you’ ve skipped to the bottom

Here they are again

#1 How To Post

#2 List Post

#3 Round Up Post

#4 Secrets Post

#5 Opinion Post

#6 Tools Posts

#7 Income Posts

#8 Blog Series Posts

Which ever method you chose to layout your blog post, there are two simple things to remember to do every time.


Your content needs to provide value to your readers.

If you are ready to get started building your own online business and share your unique voice then this will help you to get started.

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