Happy Mothers Day

The Wonders of the Digital Age

The problem with having family living all over the world is that key dates like Mother’ s Day and Father’ s Day aren’ t completely in sync. So it’ s like this, I am in the UK and Mothers Day falls in March and my mother is in New Zealand and Mothers Day falls in May.

The problem with this was in the first year, I sent my Mother’ s Day card in March. It arrived in New Zealand to a rather surprised mother as there was no mothers day celebrations going on there.

So the next year I diarised Mother’ s Day for May and went along to the card shop only to find that there were no Mothers Day cards in stock in the UK. They were in the stock room and no one would get one out for me!

There were no mothers days cards on sale out of the seasonal norm.

So two years running I was failing quite miserably on the daughter front.
By the third year I was getting wise to this dilemma, so I purchased the card for Mother’s Day in March and held onto it thinking that I would send it in May.

But there were no reminders around and guess what it was the day before Mothering day when I realised that I had the card in the UK but there was no way of getting it across the world in time.
That’ s where the digital world is so wonderful.

I typed it into my friendly search engine and came up with several options to make a card, personalise it and send it in New Zealand all done locally so it is quick and painless.

And the best part is that it was all Digital.

It was simple,   all I had to do was

Insert a photo,

Insert my own personalised greeting

Add the address and

Pay and

Just like that in less than a minute my card was on it’ s way to my mother on the other end of the world.

No stamp licking

No envelope unsticking

Isn’ t the world of technology wonderful!

So Happy Mother’ s Day to all the mothers in New Zealand

Let’ s spread the word about the digital world

The Digital Mum

Photos : FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Happy Mother’s Day Card ” by 89studio