money tree

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees right? Hell, I remember my father telling me that often enough. But one day Amy Krouse Rosenthal decided to find out what would really happen if there was a money tree.

Watch The Money Tree Video – You’ll be amazed at what you see

Where you surprised by the number of people who walked by and didn’t even notice what was around them?

Did you see how opportunity can be right under your nose and you let it pass by because you don’t notice what is around you?

Did you notice the woman who walked past the money tree twice and still did not see it?

Some even went to lengths to avoid the money tree ducking their heads.

But there were the few people, the one’s who stopped and looked at the opportunity that was placed right in front of them.

They took that opportunity.

They took the chance and what was being given to them.

Think about your life.

How much opportunity could be passing you by each and every day?

How often have you been like the people in this video?

How often have you walked past a money tree (not literally) and not noticed it?

How often have you missed out on what is right in front of you because you aren’t prepared to take the time to look at what is on offer?

Don’t Walk Past Another Money Tree

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