Life and more importantly the Digital Age has changed so fast that it is hard to think of a life without the instant gratification we have come to expect with the World Wide Web.

So are you ready for the Digital Age?

Are you a Digital Mum trying to navigate these new changes all controlled with the push of a few buttons.

The Digital Mum and the Changing World — Getting Prepared

It was not too long ago, that we parents had to contend with websites such My Space and now Facebook. Our kids begged us to go onto these sites and open accounts once they were old enough. (and when we said no they did it anyway without our knowledge!)

We freaked out at the time or at least I did.

These were products that many of us reaching that parenting stage in life, had no idea how to manage, use or work let alone give permission for our child to use. This new technology was so alien to so many parents around the world.

You either had to embrace it and learn in order to keep up with what your child was doing or get left behind.

I remember at the time that I had a bit of a Facebook phobia.

But I knew that unless I learnt how to use Facebook, I could not give permission or be in a position to keep on top of what my children were doing.

It is still shocking the number of parents with teenage children who have no idea how to use Facebook even in this digital world.

Some don’ t even have an account believing that they don’ t need to become involved with all this new-fangled technology.

This is really scary – they know that their children use Facebook but have no idea  what or how their children are using it.

These parents are not embracing the digital age and not only are they being left behind but they are leaving their children open to the risk of the online world.

How can they protect them from something that they don’ t truly understand?

The Digital World Has Taken Over the Educational System

The school system is a good example of the changes in the digital age. Previously parents had a choice as to whether they joined in with the digital age, but now they have little choice, they will have to become a part of it.

The Digital Age Changes I have Come Across In Schools

  1. Making Payments To the School :

No longer do you send a cheque to the school or money in a little brown envelope for school dinners or trips. All your little darlings need know is their fingerprint as more schools move to this system. Each child pays simply by a scan of their fingerprint. As the parent, you are required to log in to the system and top up your child’ s dinner card. You can also see what they ate or when they didn’ t as the case may be. And it cuts down on them spending their pocket money on sweets on the way to school or chips on the way back.

  1. Booking Teacher Appointments:

When it comes to parents evening to hear about how well or not your little darling has been performing in school, you now have to log in and book this online. Your child does not have to go from teacher to teacher getting a time slot for each subject. Things have changed. Now we login to the school system where all  the teachers names are listed with all available time slots.

  1. Digital Classrooms:

Some schools are going so as far as introducing digital classrooms. Indeed in the school my child previously attended in New Zealand, many of the classes had already been using this for several years.

So now our children are working off laptops and Ipad.

The next generation will have no idea what a pen, paper or paperback book is — these will be relics for the museum.

I can see the next generation going to view these items in the museum and thinking how quaint it was that we used these items once upon a time .

  1. Obtain information about school reports, homework, and timetables

One system login is being introduced in schools. This means that parents will be able to obtain all information about their child, from attendance, to turning up late to lessons to receiving their termly school report.

Yes, it is all online in the digital age.

So it may be time to become a Digital Mum in a digital world.

Gone are the days when they could play hookey without their parents knowing for a while. (or you may not know whether they have or not if you have not embraced this aspect of the digital age )

Gone are the days when they intercept the bad school reports or hide the detention notes.

The digital age is great for parents but how long will it be before our children come up with new and innovative ways to intercept this information from us?

The digital age is great and it will be if you have embraced it.

Are you prepared for the digital age?

Are You ready to face the challenges as a Digital Mum?

Just think that in years to come the way that jobs are created is going to be different as we move to the digital age.

Are you teaching your child to use the digital age for their future benefit?

Or more importantly are you learning how to use the digital age to take part and prepare for the future?

Many people are creating incomes from home using the changes in the digital age.

Because they have embraced these changes and have taken the time to learn about the changes in the digital age.

 Are you ReadyTo Learn About Creating A Brighter Future For You and Your Children as a Digital Mum

Here’ s to living your digital life

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

The Digital Mum


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Photo by renjith krishnan