Sometimes when you see successful people you forget that they didn’ t just get there.

They probably had to work hard to make their way in the world.

People aren’ t just lucky, but they make their own luck through life by the way they live and go forward towards their goals and dreams.

Josef Azam, is one such story.

A young man who grew up poor but surrounded by rich people.

There is nothing like seeing the kid next door with more than you.

Each day he would be reminded of his poverty.

Reminded of the lack in his young life.

He could have accepted this is his fate. His destiny to be poor.

He could have struggled in low paid work for the rest of his life just as he had seen his parents do.

But instead his life experience made him want more.

It made him hold onto his dreams from a very young age.

It wasn’ t always easy but he held a dream in his mind and worked hard to get there.

From Struggle to Success- from baggage handler to successful CEO in only 5 years.

From struggle to success shows that ordinary people can and are doing extraordinary things everyday.

Will you be one of them?

It is sometimes through struggle that we find what we want to achieve

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