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If Your life has become very complicated with timetables and schedules, to do lists and not to do lists and you are wondering where to start or how you ever reached this point in your life, then maybe, just maybe it is time to start to Keep It Simple.

You have played a role in making it complicated so you can turn it around and make it simple once again.

I know because it happens to me – Life Becomes So Complicated

I find myself starting on Task Number One.

It doesn’t take long before I am distracted and find myself working on something else.

In the end I find that I have never finished the first task and have part completed several others.

It is as you would think a recipe for total disaster.

The most simple piece of advice I can give is to

Learn To Focus On One Task at a time

Work diligently on that One Task

Don’t stop until you have completed it.

Keep it simple, and simplify your life.

Another mistake many people make in trying to simplify their life is that they work really hard on a huge task.

They don’t stop for breaks.

They try to complete everything as soon as possible.

They just want to get it done so they keep pushing themselves.

I have been guilty and I know from experience that trying to work without a break is less productive in the long run.

When you think you haven’t got enough time and are constantly working against the clock then you are probably right.

It may not feel like it but breaks help you to work more effectively in the long run.

It is the simple things like stopping for a short break, changing you mental state for a few minutes, have a cup of tea, walk around the block all these help to re-focus your attention span.

Sometimes the lessons we learn are the simple ones.

Keeping It Simple is Natural

My daughter seems to be able to do this naturally and instinctively.

I noticed that when she is working on a project or completing homework.

That she has a simple strategy.

She sits down and completes one piece of work then rewards herself with some chill time watching a TV program, or checking in with her mates on Facebook.

Refreshed she then sets off on the next piece of work.

She seems to get through all her homework pacing herself and never seems particularly worked up about getting it all complete.

And she gets it all done using this simple method.

Stop and look around and sometimes the lessons in life, are the simple ones that are around us all the time.

Keep it Simple – Stop and take a break.

Life only becomes over complicated when you lose sight of your focus.

Then you start to chase everything around you.

You try to do too much.

And end up achieving nothing.

So stop, simplify your life, work out your focus.

Work out your goal, for the moment, for that day, for your life and for your business.

When you are clear about your goal then work out your strategy for getting to that goal.

Be clear and precise about the things that you need to do to get to your goal.

Make these statements positive for example, when I plan to write a book.

I Keep it simple,

if I tell myself that I want to write a book this is overwhelming and I will never start.

Instead I re-frame this

1) I decide on the topic

2) I set a regular time each day that is dedicated solely to this task.

3) Then I write one word at a time, I aim for a minimum of 500 words in the day

4) All those words start to become one chapter at a time

And very soon breaking down a huge task into a simple one seems more achievable,

Do you see how simple it is really?

Then why do we complicate our lives so much?

Here’s to living your digital life
The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World
Because there is another way!

The Digital Mum



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