I have always been a huge coffee lover so when I heard about this guy, I simply wanted to share and hope that he will inspire you.

Having the Big C touch members of my own family, I know what the endless waiting around during chemo sessions is like.

It is people like Dan and his Coffee Run that show the power of what one small thing can do.

Angel from Heaven: Dan’ s Coffee Run

You can also find out about Dan at his Facebook Page

I guess I had never really stopped to think how something so simple could show kindness and pay it forward.

Being kind to others is an experience that uplifts both the giver and the receiver.

Because when we give we receive

It’ s not that hard to bring a smile to another person’ s face.

These small gestures added up go to making the world a better place to live in.

Sometimes it is the small things that you do each day that make a difference.

Try and do a small act of kindness each day — Just because and without the need for recognition.

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