If you are looking for simple and to the point SEO training, then this post will point you in the right direction.

When I first started looking at an SEO strategy, it was mind-boggling the amount of information out there.

Where to start sifting through it all?

If you’ re not technical and thinking will I understand it. Yes you will.

If you are wondering do I need to learn SEO. Yes you do.

I asked myself these same questions when thinking about search engine optimisation.

Before I almost gave up I came across Ask Kori who made SEO so simple.

She speaks in simple easy to understand language and makes SEO so easy.

Ask Kori is a leading expert in the wordpress and SEO field.

Her frank straightforward manner is refreshing.

Kori Ashton explains where to start with SEO.

She shows you what to do in her

30 Day Video Training on SEO Strategy.

And she offers it for FREE!!

Here is Day 1 –

Improve SEO on your WordPress Website – EP 1 of 30

Set aside 30 Days and take time to implement the simple changes that she suggests to optimise your blog.

And you will find the next Video at the end, when you have finished video 1.  

5 SEo tips for blog optimization

Here are some of the topics that are covered in the

30 Day Video Challenge by AskKori.

SEO and the Page Title

Headings , H1,H2,H3

Working with images

URL Structure and what not to do with your permalink.

Working with Links and what to implement your link strategy

SEO and Mobile

SEO and Goggle tools that you need to implement.

SEO and Social Media


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