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I never cease to wonder about the way that technology has changed our daily lives so much. As we pulled up at the motorway services, it seemed rather busy being the school holidays and it seemed like the whole nation had taken their little darlings away for a break. The queue to purchase some refreshments at a well known fast food place was very, very long and my stomach grumbled rather loudly that it did not want to wait that long.

So I had a battle between my brain and my stomach.

The stomach starts, ‘Use the self serve checkouts — they are empty’

The brain returns a sharp response ‘No way, you know that something always goes wrong when I use one of those machines — besides I never know what to do’

Stomach continues to egg brain on ‘Come on it will be much quicker and remember you used the self-checkout last time and you managed okay — go on give it a try’

48 year old brain tries to fight it and comes up with a few more excuses.

By this time the queue has increased by a few more people.

Stomach chirps up again ‘ Don’ t be a sheep dare to be different, don’ t stand in the queues use the self-checkout for goodness sake’ .

So I tentatively move towards the self-checkouts.

Touch the screen and it springs to life.

The menu comes up and I make my choices it asks if I want this as a meal, do I want a drink, do I want any sides?

Just let me pay I think I don’ t want anything more just the food.

Give me my food screams out the stomach.

Finally I have the option to pay collect my ticket and stride up to the special section that says — Self Checkout Collections

There is no queue and I saunter past the long line of people waiting to order their meal.

Within moments my food is past to me and people who had joined the queues before me are all still waiting to order their food.

They glare at me as if I should have waited in the queues as now their order is delayed even further as mine is made up first.

Stomach grumbles a bit more and urges brain to get to the nearest table to tuck in.

It’ s then I wonder why people are so scared of technology that they are prepared to wait and wait when there is a quicker way of doing things.

Self-Serve Checkouts — You either love’ em or hate’ em!

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