I am still pinching myself to think that I was lucky enough to have seen Les Brown   at the live your dream event live on stage in London on the 20th January 2018.

I can think of no better way to start the new year. I have admired and followed Les Brown ever since I started my own journey of personal self development.

I had promised myself that I would see Les Brown speaking live on stage one day, because although his videos are amazing, there is something about the live energy that resonates deep within and that cannot be replicated in a video.

I had always imagined that I would have to travel to the USA to see him, so this was one of those golden opportunities that was not to be missed.

Les Brown was visiting London, just outside my home town.

The tickets just popped up in my newsfeed as if the universe was communicating directly to me.

I tentatively opened the event information, thinking it would be out of my price range, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the ticket was £77. Quite affordable.

I looked at my experiences list, better called a bucket list and there sitting on it was :-

Watch Les Brown Live.

What an opportunity to make this come true and tick off an item from my experience list so early on in the year.

There were so many factors in my favour it would have been incredulous not to take it up.

For one, I only lived an hour’ s train ride away from the venue. How much easier did I need the universe to make it before I would take action?

Well, I could be transported magically to the venue but that’ s taking it just that bit too far, I am sure you will agree.

In the words of the great man himself,

I was hungry.

So I purchased my ticket straight away.

If you have not heard of Les Brown, like my daughter who said ‘who’ s that’ when I told her I was going to see him.

Let me introduce Les Brown…

Les Brown is a renowned international speaker who trains and develops speakers.

Les Brown made it against all the odds stacked against him and from his humble upbringing.

Most importantly, Les Brown never stopped believing in himself and that he could make it, to achieve great things in his life.

It was clear however when Les Brown came onto the stage for the morning opening, that he was not well.

He had been in hospital four days before the event and had discharged himself against medical advice.

Such was his determination not to let down the event organiser, Althea Grant a prodigy of his program.

Despite his discomfort, Les Brown came out to open the event as best he could, he went into an easy natural flow.

He may have been born in an abandoned building but he was certainly born with the gift of the gab.

He did not let down either when came on the stage to introduce the day he fired the crowd up with his You got to be hungry, Live Full Die Empty

which is one of his well-known key mantras.

There’s no doubt Les Brown has energy

The energy that he conveyed in the room was amazing considering that he was fighting his own demons with the pain and ill health in his body at that moment.

There were times when it looked like he may not have been able to go on.

Then his daughter, Ona Brown went on stage. I had never heard her speak before but she was powerful and clearly has inherited her gift from her father.

When Les Brown saw her, his face lit up and there was something that changed in him and the next thing he was up off his chair and off he went into flow.

He delivered!! Boy did he deliver.  

Telling his compelling story, the one I had heard often in the many videos I had consumed on my journey.

He spoke of how he was born in an abandoned building, labelled educationally mentally retarded, how he told his children to tell the debt collectors that their daddy was not home, how he lost the home he had bought for his mother, and how he took the opportunity to make changes in his life.

Why Les Brown connects is that he was just like any one of us when he first started out.

Les Brown was not known when he started out.

Les Brown had no money.

He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth if anything he was born from nothing but came out on top.

He had struggled to make it and that why he says

‘You gotta be hungry’

cos, when life knocks you down you, fall on your back because if you can look up you can get up.

Mr Les Brown has made his mark and put forth positive into this world.

He tells the analogy of your hopes and dreams.

les brown event in london live your dream  communication is the key to success

Who Is Les Brown

One of the most popular analogies he gives is this one.

Just imagine on your death bed, all your hopes and dream standing around looking down on you and saying we came to you.

Just you.

Because you were the only one who could write that book.

You were the one who could tell that story.

You were the only one who could build that business.

Find out more about Les Brown at

What will your hopes and dreams be saying to you?

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What Will You Hopes And Dreams Be Saying To You On Your Death Bed?

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