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When Nick Vujicic came on stage, at the Success Resources Seminar, he brought with him a presence. Everyone in the house stood up giving him a rousing ovation.

Nick Vujicic speaks on a platform to raise him to a level on par with the audience and he moves back and forth with his flipper or chicken wing as he often refers to it.

A handsome man with a cheeky grin on his face, it is hard to fathom how Nick Vujicic can appear so happy when he has faced such adversity and challenges in his life.

Nick Vujicic tells his story.

The audience is still, quiet and in awe of him.

He tells of a baby being born one day in Australia to parents who had done nothing in their pregnancy except to care for their bodies having used no alcohol, drugs, no thalidomide.

They did nothing but try to be the best for their firstborn child.

So when his father saw him being born and saw his arm was missing his father had to be helped to leave the hospital room so huge was his shock.

His mother could hear her baby crying but no one brought him to her.

When she asked what’ s wrong they finally told her that her son had no arms and no legs.

As Nick Vujicic told us that his mother asked to see him. Then asked for him to be taken away as she couldn’ t deal with it right then. You could almost feel that hearts were breaking across the room.

His father returned to his wife’ s side having been able to compose himself. He comforted his wife, and then asked the nurses, ‘Can I see him now?’

He went off and found Nick wrapped up in baby blankets. Unwrapping the blankets to look at him. Then he wrapped him up again and returned to his wife.

The words he said then were simple and moving,

‘He’ s beautiful and he’ s our son’ .

His parents raised Nick Vujicic as well as they could, learning along the way how to raise a child with disabilities.

In every other way, Nick Vujicic was developmentally normal and there was no medical reason for him being born with no limbs. His parents went on to have two more children both of whom are perfectly healthy.

Nick Vujicic knew he was different every day and it was more apparent as he entered school life.

Some days, he would say ‘but I don’ t want to be different’ .

At the age of 8, Nick  Vujicic tells us that he had one of the lowest moments in his life. He felt worthless and wondered what life was going to be like for him. Would he ever be able to do what anyone else was doing?

Would he be able to work?

Have a family?

He didn’ t know the answers and by the age of 10, Nick Vujicic was ready to give up.

As he contemplated suicide, the only thing that stopped him was the thought of seeing his mother and father standing at his grave and crying.

Seeing that this would bring pain to the two people who showed him nothing but love Nick could not go ahead with his attempt.

Nick Vujicic talks about how life was hard and his parents did not give him special treatment just because of his disability. They taught him strong moral values that he has built into his own life.

He was taught to earn his own money so if he wanted pocket money he had to make his bed.

You may be wondering how he did this.

Nick Vujicic tells us, that the next time your 8 year old is moaning about making their bed make them do it with their teeth.

He would vacuum the house with the vacuum wedged between his chin and neck.

In all other ways, Nick Vujicic was encouraged to get on with life just as his siblings were doing.

Dramatically Nick Vujicic, makes himself fall over on the stage. He uses the physical imagery to demonstrate how when life knocks you down, what do you do?

He is down on the stage in front of a huge crowd.

With no arms and no legs.

He could stay there and wait for help.

He could stay there and ask for help.


He could try to get up himself.

Nick Vujcic (4)

As Nick Vujicic talks and sends his message across using the strong physical and visual evidence in front of the room.

We are all wondering what he will do.

Some people probably feeling uncomfortable, do they go and help?

Surely one of his aides will come and help?

What should we the audience do?

But Nick Vujicic is talking all the time and is in no distress as he speaks whilst lying down.

He is conveying an important message.

Then he uses a book, that was left on the stage for this purpose, and with a few movements he uses it to help to lift himself up and returns himself to standing.

What do you do when you fall down?

Nick’ s life changed from the ten year old boy with no future to a man with everything ahead of him. Nick Vujicic changed his whole attitude and way of life.

He became a doer and went on to show the world that he could live a life with no limbs and no limits.

Helping thousands of people all over the world along the way to change their lives and attitudes to life.

Today Nick Vujicic’s life is dramatically different. He is a world-renowned speaker giving talks with a keen focus on the youth. He is particularly keen to help young girls who have body dysmorphia. He wants them to grow up without eating disorders and to love themselves despite the media-focused world and attention to the female body.

Watch Nick Vujicic’s inspiriting speech to a group of kids.

He has started Life Without Limbs.

Seeing Nick Vujicic talk in person is truly a moving experience and if you are ever afforded the opportunity then make sure you don’ t pass it by, it could change your life.

Nick Vujicic is married and has two sons.
Two important things in life, he says, Marriage and a Family.

Two experiences that he never believed would ever have been possible have come true in his life. Nick never in his darkest moments believed that one day he would be married to a beautiful woman and raising two healthy sons.

His moral compass focuses on family. Now Nick tells us he only works for five weeks of the year. For five weeks he says goodbye to his family and it is the hardest thing that he has to do. He says that each time he leaves he never knows if he will be back and so each goodbye is a good bye with meaning.

Nick Vujicic turns to the audience and asks us, have you remembered to hug your child, did you remember to tell them that you love them.

I am scrambling for my coat and heading out to spread my love with my daughters, emotionally something has shifted and there is a sense of peace.

If a man with no limbs can turn his life around what excuse have I got?

What excuse have you got?

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