If your mobile phone is the first thing you look at in the morning.

If you feel lost without your mobile phone.

Then maybe

You need a mobile phone detox.

Have you ever wondered that you may return in your next life to learn the lessons you were meant to learn the first time round?

If so…

What will you come back as in your next life to learn those lessons?

My observations of late have made me decide that if I come back in my next life and assuming that I could return as an object, which you may not want to but just saying, I would return as my mobile phone.

Here’ s why.

  • I would be the first thing to be looked at in the morning and the last thing to be cuddled at night.
  • I would be carried around wherever my owner went being held and receiving long eye gazing stares which would take place intermittently throughout the day.
  • I am carried from room to room wherever she is I am with her as if I am her baby lovingly looked after, cared for and cherished.
  • I have a fancy skin placed around me to match and I stand out in the crowd.
  • I never die for long and when I am almost feeling too weak to continue as my powers starts to hit the 20% mark, I am given a boost of energy that makes me feel good and my owner lovingly looks into my eyes once again.
  • I am never left behind and if I am, she is soon back to collect me.

Yes, if I had to come back as an object,

I would come back as a mobile phone in my next life

Have you seen how lovingly everyone holds their mobile phone even on the train when they are sitting there doing nothing in particular with it?

Yes, I would come back as a  mobile phone in my next life.

If this is you then maybe, just maybe


You need a mobile phone detox?

My friend came into the office on day and announced that she was on a mobile phone detox.

She had come to the point where she felt that her mobile phone was taking over her life.

She was constantly holding her phone, checking her Facebook messages, checking mail, responding to every sound it made and she decided that the phone was taking over her life and she needed to gain control again.

So she came into the office that day and had left her mobile phone in her car.


Out of sight and out of mind, right?

Not quite.

She had brought a small spare mobile phone with her which was an old model and really was a phone to receive calls in case her child needed her.

She told us she would be allowing herself to go to her car to check her mobile phone at key points during the day.

She had been sitting for about 30 minutes before she felt the first urges to pick up her mobile phone, only it was not there.

She said it was all she could think about, almost like a diet, when you can’ t have something it is all you want.

Suffice to say, it was not even half way through the morning, when she was already struggling and wanted desperately to have a look at her mobile phone.

She was determined though and survived the torture all morning but by lunchtime, she had to go and have a little peek, just like you do a baby.

Do You Need To Start a Phone Detox in Your Life?

If any of those statements resonated with you, then maybe you need to think about how dependent you are on your moible phone and if an object is taking over your life.

Take a leaf out of my friend’ s book and use another phone without the use of internet.  

Put your mobile phone out of sight. If only to make you realise just how often you want to reach out for it

Try These 4 Tips for a mobile phone detox at least once a week.

1. At night leave your phone downstairs.

Get another alarm clock!

2. Turn off your mobile phone.

Yes, I know rather drastic and many would struggle with this. They would worry that school and family would not be able to get hold of them. Believe me, they will get hold of you if they need you, they did way back before the dinosaurs when there wasn’ t this wealth of technology.

3. Limit Your Times To Check Your Phone

Give yourself strict times to check mail and social media. Only allow yourself to have a look at these set times for a limited amount of time. Whether that is at 11 am and 4 pm and only for 15 minutes — do only that.

4. Put Your Phone Away

The rest of the time put the phone away. Do not resist the urge to have a quick peek.  


Let me know any other ideas you have to have a phone detox.

Have you ever tried a mobile phone detox?

Share your mobile phone detox comments below.

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