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Money Doesn’ t Always Buy Happiness …

I came across a rather sad article in the Metro, ‘Lotto Winner Dies after Battle with Depression’ . It was about Helen Ford, who was an aspiring dancer in her teens but who had suffered from depression and diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. She had taken several overdoses as a ‘cry for help’ and the feelings she was dealing with each day. But when she won £500K in a lotto jackpot in 2003 you would think that life would change positively for her.

Helen bought a new house and went away on holidays that she previously couldn’ t afford. She was able to buy items and things that were previously beyond her reach but she still had to live with her own mind and thoughts each day.

It seems that no amount of money can take away the inner turmoil of depression.

The £500K didn’ t take away those dark thoughts.

Sadly one day she walked in front of a train in her local town.

Although the inquest found that her intentions were not clear at the time.

It seems that Helen had suffered from depression for many years and no amount of money was able to buy her postive mental health and happiness again.

As you start out in your digital business, you may want to go out and make money.

Lots of money.

Money, money, money.

the money tree tree with money as leaves and money flying in the air

That seems to be at the forefront of most people’ s minds as they start out on a digital adventure to seek their financial freedom.

Take a moment now.

Stop and think about what is important in your life?

Yes, we all have bills to pay and we have to make a certain amount of money in order to manage day to day.

But you need to look at all aspects of your life and what you need to live a full and rich life.
People who are happy are happy because they have fulfilled key aspects of their life:-

1) Sense of Purpose
2) Being part of their family and community
3) Having their health

Money gives you the means to do the things that you want.

But it won’ t buy happiness.

That is unless you know what your purpose is in life.

Unless you have your health.

And unless you have others to share it with.

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