Isn’ t it strange that people have their mobile phones on them 24 /7?

That thought struck me when I was sitting on a train,  watching the commuters around me.

Women would sit with their handbag to the side of them but their mobile phone clasped firmly in their hands.

Men were the same they held their mobile phone in their hands like some precious item almost afraid to tuck it away.

It is strange, that there is this desire to constantly hold our mobile phones.

There seems to be this desire to constantly hold our mobile phones in our hands.

Like you would miss out on something if you didn’ t have your mobile phone close by.

Their mobile phone was like their baby, the way they held and cuddled it looked no different.

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If your mobile phone was your baby how would it feel?

Mine would be lost half the time (thankfully, I was more careful with my children – I never lost any)  – however,  I can never find where I last left my mobile phone!

When it rings, I am first in a frenzied panic as to where it is or I spend ages rummaging in my handbag and miss the call by the time I find it.

If people constantly have their mobile phones on them and glance at them every few minutes, then why the heck don’t they reply to your messages?

Have you ever sent a message to someone, who you know holds their mobile phone as if it is their baby?

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You know that they walk around with it constantly. Heck, they even take it to the toilet with them.

Do you ever wonder why, if they have their phone on them almost all the time, why they don’ t reply to your messages when you send them?

Do you know what I mean it’ s annoying right?

You message someone to ask a question and then there is nothing back for hours and hours.

You know they are not doing anything.

Then you get a response a few hours later and immediately,  you reply.

Then nothing again for hours and hours.

Have they turned off their mobile phone? Probably not.

Have they put their mobile phone into their pocket or handbag? Probably not.

Or is it that they have simply decided that your message is not worth replying to? Probably.

Sometimes technology doesn’t help all our communication.

If we treated our mobile phones more like an object, a means to help us with our daily tasks rather than   like it was a baby, wouldn’t the world be a more connected place to live?

mobile phone detox

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