The Happiness Man – Andrew Matthews

I was lucky to hear Andrew Matthews speaking at the Success Resources Seminar.

I was introduced to the work of Andrew Matthews by my younger sister who enjoyed his light hearted and fun approach to the way life works. I lost my sister almost two years ago just as she was starting out on her journey of personal development and she was keen to learn about and read new ideas to move forward in her life.

Through her, I purchased copies of ‘Being Happy’ and ‘Follow Your Heart’ , so I was really thrilled that Andrew Matthews was going to be in London to promote his new book ‘How Life Works’ and it somehow felt like this was a message from my sister.

Andrew Matthews theory is that

Happiness leads to success and not that success leads to happiness.

When you are happy then you bring success into your life.

It is like an energy battery that we have when we are following our passion and are feeling happy in our life.

Just like a three year old who finds every new moment one of utter joy and greatness, so too will you if you are following your passion and joy.

You find the things that you look for.

So when you are looking for depression, sadness, debt, unhappiness you find it all around you.

You bring it into your conscious mind.

You attract what you think about all day long.

So surely it must follow that if you bring in happiness and joy into your mind it will come into your life and it will be all around you?

Andrews asks “What is the difference between happy people and ordinary people”?

The answer is simple.

Simply gratitude.

Happy people give gratitude for all that they have.

Ordinary people wish for all the things that they don’ t have.

Andrews ends with these simple words:-

It’ s not who you know

It’ s not what you know

It’ s how you feel.

I highly recommend that you read How Life Works which is available at Amazon.

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