If Only We Could See What Was Ahead.

If we had a chance to go forward and see what decisions we should make.

What Important Decisions in life would you make with the power of hindsight?

I know that there are many having been through it and having clarity on the other side.

We all learn from our decisions and at the time we can only make a decisions based on the information that we have available at the time.

I came across this short video about Ron Wayne.

Most of us have probably never heard of Ron Wayne and that’ s because of important decisions in life choices that he made many years ago.

Ron Wayne was due to partner up with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and he signed a contract with them when they were starting up the now successful Apple computer product.

But Ron Wayne made a decision then that was to change his life and lost him billions in the process.

Watch this video and see how important decisions in life can change your life forever

Ron Wayne- He Just Didn’ t See It

We are often afraid of what is ahead and many fear taking risks.

Ron was afraid to incur the debts of a newly forming company and in so doing he lost a whole lot more.

Could you live with the decisions that you make each day?

Are the important decisions in life that you are making moving you forward in your goal?

Are you a Yes person?

or   a   No Person?

Or even a   MAYBE   person that says yes to everything but does nothing?

Don’ t be the next Ron Wayne — take informed decisions and weigh up the risks and the benefits.

Start today and make an important decision about how you can make positive changes in you life now

Here’ s to living your digital life

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The Digital Mum

Images: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 Photo by David Castillo Dominici.