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The reality of living in this digital world really hit home to me when I misplaced my mobile phone.

I had been out one evening and had it with me. In fact, I had been using it prior to leaving the venue I was at.

As I drove off my car media system tried to warn me that my phone device was disconnecting.

Still I did not think anything of it as it has done this in the past for no apparent reason.

I did not make the connection as to why this was until I arrived home.
When …
I could not find my phone.

I did the usual things that one does in situations like this.

I tipped my hand bag upside down.

Replaced everything.

Then did this again several times over as if to convince myself that the mobile phone hasn’ t miraculously hidden itself in some nook or cranny that I hadn’ t noticed the first time round.

Finally, I re retraced my evening.

Then it hit me.

I had left my mobile phone on a chair when I was leaving.

I had momentarily stopped to chat to someone.

In that moment I forgot to place my phone into my handbag and left the said item behind.

There was a further problem. I had the mobile phone on silent as I had been in a meeting so no amount of ringing it would alert anyone to its presence.

There was nothing more I could do that evening except contact the venue in the morning and ask if they would search for it.

Do you know how many times I reached for my mobile  phone for the rest of that evening?

Do you know how many times I thought let me just check this on Mr Google and reached for the … only to remember that I had forgotten it earlier.

It was a real reality check on how often I handled my mobile phone in an evening.

Actually, I wondered if this was a sign telling me to reduce my dependency on my mobile phone.

It made me realise just how dependent we have become on our technology in our day to day life.

When we don’ t have our mobile phone, it feels literally like a part of us is missing.
Have you ever had that feeling?

Have you ever left home without your mobile phone?

How did you feel through that day without your mobile phone?

What I think is interesting is that it is not the actual phone that you we are missing, but it is the feeling that you are somehow not connected to the world any longer.

connected with mobile phone
There is this inner feeling that you are going to miss some important event organised or call from that important person who actually never seems to call.

Or maybe even the announcement of your friend’ s latest trip to the supermarket or what they cooked for dinner on their Facebook timeline.

Not having that little mobile device creates such a sense of feeling of loss of a lot of connection and that is why it is not just your phone that you loose and why you feel this loss so significantly.

Try 24 hours without your mobile device, maybe just maybe we don’ t need them as much as we think we do.


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