One of my favourite tracks is Jason Mraz’ s Living in the Moment, he is an earthy guy grounded in his music. He brings messages about life and living and essentially in Living in the Moment.

I was lucky enough to have seen him live in concert in London at the O2, and can only say it was so totally moving and inspirational. He performed in his bare feet to show his connection with the earth. He is a down earth guy and he sings from the heart.

He reminds us to connect with the world and life around us.

In our Digital World, life around us is often moving at such a busy pace.

Our minds race ahead and that means our body often can’ t keep up and we forget to live in the moment that is important.

We wake up to turn on our laptops, check our email and catch up on Facebook.

Sometimes we are so busy with everyone else’ s lives that we forget to Live In The Moment.

If you have ever meditated then you will know that it is the chance to stop and be in the moment.

It is not easy the first time you try to meditate —

The mind is not an easy thing to control

live in the moment

Meditation and living in the moment can take years of practice before you can learn to quieten your busy mind.

But if you give yourself a moment out of your busy day just to stop and look around and be in that moment, you may connect intuitively with what is important in your life.

So, I ask you to stop for a moment, have a cuppa and listen to

 Jason Mraz’ s song ‘Living in the Moment’ off of his album ‘Love is a four letter word’

Jason Mraz is involved in many causes around the world.

Such as raising awareness about human trafficking.

He has a purpose in his life and he gives back to the world around him through his music.

Stop worrying about the things that won’ t happen and start to live in the moment.

Because in those moments you may find your own purpose in life

Here’ s to living your digital life
The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World
Because there is another way!

The Digital Mum


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Photo by Stuart Miles