the moth

I came across The when I was studying different tones of voices, accents and speakers delivery to improve my own voice and story telling ability.

But instead I found myself captivated with the true stories that ordinary people have shared about their life’ s.

The Moth is a great place where people can share a story, a snippet from their lives.

Something that shaped them and made them the way that they are.

They aren’ t long stories and when I have the odd 10 -15 minutes I will usually find one on The Moth to listen to, :-

Here are a few of my favourite stories from The Moth.

A shy writer gives her first ever interview on national TV.

A woman tries to resist comparing herself to her very fortunate sister.

A young man accused of stealing ends up living out of his car.

A 5-year-old girl is caught stealing by her strict mother

These are ordinary everyday people like you and me sharing their lives, some are funny, some are touching and some are quite heart-breaking.

But what is key is that all are true stories of life.

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