If you’ ve been blogging for anytime, then you will know that keyword research is everything when writing a new post, starting a new site or when you want to rank well in the search engines. There are multiple keyword tools available and you may be wondering which keyword tool to use. If you are looking for an alternative keyword tool, I have just come across Keyword Chef.

I was introduced to this keyword tool by PassiveIncome Geek who is well known in the SEO field. He builds and ranks niche websites real fast.

So, take it from those who really know the power of having a keyword tool that is accurate and maybe will become one of the best online keyword tools around. Check his review here.

He says some good stuff about Keyword Chef. Although he has a different method of doing keyword research, he still believes that this keytool is going to be one of the best online keyword tools available.

This is going to be amazing for new bloggers and content publishers. It comes up with ideas for topics, key phrases, sub headings to use in your niche.

What is Keyword Chef?

Keyword Chef is the new kid on the keyword tool market. The creator, Ben Adler describes that it is a keyword discovery tool that is a bit different from other keyword research tools.

He describes it like this :-

 “Keyword Chef automatically finds and filters keywords for you. Real-time SERP analysis lets you find keywords nearly guaranteed to rank. ”

Let’ s break that down a bit.

Keyword Chef finds and filters keywords for you. Instead of focusing on keywords, it uses search intent as it’ s main focus. If you know about page experience, then you will know that search intent is really important. Google wants to show content that is relevant to what a user is searching for. This tool will mean that each keyword returned will be of high quality so that you can write content that reflects user search intent. This means that you will rank higher in the search engines, if you can produce content that answers the users question.

What is SERP?

The tool works using real time SERP. That means Search Engine Results Page. Fancy term for something so simple, I know. The tool has a feature which means that you will see a SERP score. The higher the score the better. This will tell you the number of sites that you could rank for on the front page of Google.

Spoiler alert. Free users are limited to 30 SERP previews.

But the good news is paid users (on any plan) get unlimited SERP previews.

Before you ask how much this keyword tool will set you back, make sure you try for free before you buy.

keyword tool

Can I try Keyword Chef for free?

This is the best part. You can try this fantastic keyword research tool for free. Yes, before you decide to purchase any credits.

I am not an affiliate, just trying it out. I have nothing to gain at this stage, I simply want to share a tool that I have come across and think it is too good not to share.

Here’ s what I did.

I signed up for my free credits.

Go here to do that.

I did not need to put in any credit card details.

I simply created an account on the site.

I was immediately given access to the keyword chef tool.

My free credits were waiting for me when I logged into the site.

When you sign up for a free trial in Keyword Chef, your account is credited with 1000 free credits.

But, you should know that there are some limits to your free trial account:

  • Maximum of 30 SERP lookups
  • Get all SERPs feature is not available

There is no time limit to your free account. And credits never expire.

When you purchase any paid plan, you will still be able to keep your free credits and get access to the Get All SERPs feature. There will be no limit to the number of SERPs you can lookup.

So, my suggestion is to get your free credits first. Then buy some credits to unlock all of the above features.

keyword research tool

How Do You Use Keyword Chef?

As with any new tool there is a learning curve.

But the creator has made this as simple as possible and provides tutorials with every account including the free version.

Here are some of the tutorials provided that will help you navigate the tool.

Keyword Chef Tutorials

  • Learn which search terms works best
  • Learn how wildcard search works
  • Finding easy keywords using SERPS and filters
  • Importing custom keywords.

I hope by now you are as excited as I was to get started and try out Keyword Chef.

How Much Does Keyword Chef Cost?

PS Make sure you get your free credits first before signing up for the paid. Well why not, it’ s there?

There are 3 paid offerings that you can pick from depending on your budget and how often you will need to do keyword research.

pricing for keyword chef
  • This is great as you can simply buy credits as you need them.
  • You don’ t have the monthly commitment.
  • You can buy as much as you need.

Don’ t miss your free 1000 credits (wow, that’ s insane !!).

What I like about this keyword tool

  • Reasonably priced $20 for 1200 credits — great for new bloggers or those wanting to complete keyword research before they write an article.
  • Credits never expire (no brainer).
  • You will see a sample of the keywords and can filter these before using your credits. (you don’ t waste credits).

Before you use your credits this is what you need to know.

  • Each keyword that is found costs 1 credit. Be careful I used a lot of credits when I first started playing around with it.
  • Broad searches like cooking can return a few thousand keywords. While these searches are great, they can consume a lot of credits.
  • To save credits, filter on specific categories like ‘Questions’ or ‘Best’.
  • You can also use a wildcard (*) like best * for chefs or pizza crust with *.
  • Want to avoid certain words? Use the negative sign like cooking -bacon -oil.
  • And lastly, your keywords are automatically saved under ‘My Reports’ to view at any time. You don’t need to run the same search twice.

Here’ s an example of a search I did whilst I was learning how to use this tool. I searched for

 “Which Yoga Mat ”.

keyword search result

Yoga and anything yoga related can be a tough niche as there is a lot of competition.

The questions tabs gives 7 topics that I could write a blog post about.

keyword chef search result

When I click on get keywords, I get a list of topics I can possibly write a blog post on.

keyword research topics

This is a hard topic. I can see this as there are no SERPS showing.

When I click on compare tab. I get 4 ideas of blog posts that I could write:

compare keyword results

You can see that there is 1 SERP shown with the green box. This means that if I write a good article with that title I can probably rank it well. The SERPs will show sites like forums, quora where you can probably write good content which you can rank for.

serps on keyword chef

I chose the yoga mats to try the keyword chef tool to see how it manages in hard niches first. I would know to stay away from this niche, unless I can find sub niches where I can target keyword phrases like this.

Final Thoughts  

keyword chef tool for research

This is my review of the Keyword Chef tool, I will be trying it out and will update this post as I learn more about the features. I will be using it to build niche websites, this is the course that I recommend. Let me know if it works for you and if it helps you in writing great blog posts.

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