prioritise your life

Have you ever had one of those days when you get nothing done?

Have you sat and stared at your computer and found you achieved nothing on your to do list and it’ s already time for the family to return home?

You know those days when you didn’ t prioritise or when others started to prioritise their agenda over yours?

You know what I mean?

Your daughter asks you to drop her at a friend’ s house and on the way back could you just pick up some items at the shops for her.

Just as you arrive back, your friend pops by to pick up an item but this turns into a few hours of chat and your day has dissolved into an array of nothingness — or at least it feels that way.

 You have been real busy all day in fact you haven’ t stopped but why is your to do list still as long as it was at the start of the day?

Brendon Burchard, author and high performance coach, shares the concept of busy work and not lifes work.

When I feel a dip in energy I watch one of his videos and seriously this guy has such a high energy level there is just no way you can get to the end of the video and not feel his energy seeping through.

See For Yourself

In the video he has these three tips for taking control and prioritising your life.
1) Stop Prioritising Easy

What happens if that people do the easy things first.

This means that they will be less likely to do the things that really count.

Just because it is an easy task does not mean it needs to be done today.

“Busy Work may not be Lifes’ work ”

You set up your day and you need to choose what you do with it.

Prioritise the things that are significant and will move you forward

Ask yourself

What three things must happen today that will move me towards my goals today?

2) Stop Prioritising False Emergencies

Just because someone sent you an email, text or phone call does not mean that you have to respond to it the moment you receive it.

You need to prioritise these requests and decide which things are asking of you will move your life forward.

How often are you doing what the world asks of you?

The more you do this you become a Pleaser and soon you become wiped out. Before you find yourself broke for time. Broke for energy. Just plain broke.

You have to learn to say NO and prioritise the things that will move you forward.

Ask yourself what’ s important to ME today?

3) Start Prioritising Freedom

You need to priortise your ability to gain time freedom, spirituality, your vision, your physical energy, your health.

What are you going to develop in your life purpose you are the architect of your day.

How are you going to build it?

I really find the message that Brendon Burchard sends motivating and just make sense so keep prioritising.

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