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JT Foxx is known as the world’s no 1 Wealth Coach and considered one of the top speakers and coaches, he was one of the speakers at the Success Resources Seminar 2015. He has built a media personality and has been interviewed on shows such as CNBC, Forbes and the BBC.

It is clear that JT Foxx is smooth and had the gift of the gab. He was able to go on stage and ooze words of charm to sell his program and his methods. But for me there was just something too sleek about JT Foxx and he didn’t resonate with me at all. I couldn’t connect with him.

JT Foxx’s story is certain to connect with many he tells of being negative £34,000 in the bank just a mere eight years ago.

He says ‘Who said money doesn’t buy you happiness?’
‘Well I can tell you that I am happy’ he tells us.

He made his first million at the age of 24 years.

But it is not the money that brings us happiness, he tells us, (try telling that to the poor) but it is what the money can do for your life.

JT Foxx tries to show his spiritual side and reminds us that life is not just about money but about the legacy you leave behind and the people that you help.

And I am feeling a small shift, maybe he is not as arrogant as he initially came across. He tells us of the charity work that he does in hospitals and with the youth.

He instantly kills it by displaying photos of himself with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Donald Trump (is there anyone on the speaker list who hasn’t had a photo with these well known figures?) or is there such a thing as photo shop?

JT Foxx tells us he really did meet all the people he shows us and there are plenty of celebrity’s that he features himself with. He insists that there was no photo shopping going on there.

Then he says ‘ there’s so many haters out there’ it seems that he isn’t as popular as the media make out. But let’s face it, there are people out there who are just out to be nasty for the sake of being nasty.

JT Foxx gives us his philosophy for changing our lives and the things that hold people back from their success: –

1) Overcome Fear
2) Focus
3) Stop procrastination
4) Time Management
5) Accountability – you can’t do this alone
6) Lack of funds
7) I don’t know what I want to do.
8) Stop Thinking that you can do everything
9) Copy what Rich people are doing
10) You need a strategy and a system.

Then he comes in for the kill, he would give his programs away for free because he isn’t here for the money, he is here to change people’s lives.

But he says people don’t value free.

With a final dig at women he tells us that the reason women don’t succeed is

1) Women have limiting beliefs
2) Women are not very good at selling-simple as

He promises us poor women a solution and to teach us how to work in a man’s world and do business in a man’s world.

He will show us the way, he says.

Now the first 100 folk to run to the other end of the room will get his full program which is usually on sale at £1500 for a mere £197 – because that’s the kind of guy he is. He is there to help others.

JT Foxx claims that he can read people and he can take anyone and make them successful. He will ‘’reset your thinking’ he claims.

He ends with his finale, he is really on a roll now

He asks five key questions:

If not this, then, what?
If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?
What would happen if you don’t say yes – you won’t know what you will become?
What will happen if you do say yes?

JT Foxx is not for me – there are other ways of changing the world.

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