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James Macneil, enters the Success Resources Seminar stage, he has the death spot, the one that comes at the end of the evening penultimate to the guest speaker, the crowd just want him to get on with it so they can hear who they came to hear, Nick Vujicic.

I don’t envy his position and wonder how he will gain the crowd’s attention to his pitch.
He is constrained by time even at the start and he has to rush through his opening presentation.

James Macneils business is to help people to write and publish a book and then market it.

He has 8 steps to publishing success which he shares:-

1) What is the objective of your book? Is it for expert status, to generate leads.

2) Write the right content – You need to solve people’s problems

3) Design an awesome cover

4) Capture Leads

5) Boost your sales

6) Get Free Publicity

7) Boost your income

8) Decide and take action

Using James Macneil’s bootcamp he claims that you will leave with a book ready for publishing.

The bootcamp runs like this:-

Friday night – Plan the book
Saturday morning- Write it in 40 hours (that’s a not a morning or have I missed something here?)
Saturday afternoon – Publish it

His website is Publish a book and grow, feel free to check him out, this is not an endorsement and I have no affiliation and have not used his products.

James Macneil tells us of his system and why you should write a book.

It feels very markety and salesy and he almost loses me until he comes in with his story.

What Is James Macneil’s Story

James is a balding middle-aged male and he tells us of the day he met his wife, a pretty  woman. He shows us a picture as proof and I have to agree, she is stunning.

He tells us that life was blissful and he was happy.

He had everything he could have wished for.

After one year of marriage, he returned home to find that his wife had suffered a brain haemorrhage and had died.

Just like that his life was turned around, upside down.

He said life didn’t have much meaning anymore after that.

James Macneils story was the turning point for the audience.

He wasn’t selling a product.

He was connecting on a human level with them.

He didn’t sell his product, he told his story.

It was something that could happen to anyone of us at any time and his story brought that home to all listening to him.

James Macneil tells us that we all have three books within each of us:-

1) The Passion book – the one about the thing that drives you each day
2) The Purpose book – your philosophy on life
3) The Emotion Book – your story

The phrase people buy from those they like and trust is never truer in this case.

People buy when they have made a connection with you and can relate to you.

There were certainly quite a few in the room who related to James Macneil as the invertible scramble took place at the end to grab one of his packages to write a book.

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