If you are going to get started on this journey online and become a digital mum, at some stage you are going to need to buy a domain name. Before I lose you with all this jargon, simply a domain name is the name of your site. This could be your name or a name of your business like The Digital Mum.com.

I purchased the domain name The Digital Mum.com over a year ago and then I did nothing with it. Hell life was busy and I had plans and ideas but never seemed to find the time. So when I got round to starting up my site, I found that I was in for a surprise. In the meantime some enterprising young women had started up Digital Mums.

Very similar in names and this could get quite confusing.

I toyed with what to do.

Do I still start up The Digital Mum or do I leave it for the Digital Mums?

A Dilemna.

Well I decided to check them out and see what they offered.

They seemed to be doing everything right, they had marketed themselves and were high up in the search engines.

They had completed press releases

They were all over social media on Facebook and Pinterest

They had interviews in the media by leading figures like the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, The Guardian.

They had established themselves as an authority helping maternal mums enter the digital world.

So was it to late for my plans and The Digital Mum?

The Digital Mum vs Digital Mums

Digital Mums was started by Nikki Cochrane and Kathryn Tyler as a social enterprise. Their focus is to help mums who are at home caring for a young family by giving them the chance to create an income alongside caring for their family.

How do they plan to do this.

They will teach mums the skills to become a freelance social media manager.

Digital Mums will teach mums the skills needed to raise a business’ s profile using social media and then they will link you to a business who needs their social media managed, kept up to date and trending.

It is simple and a great idea. They solve a problem. Maternal mums earning an income whilst being at home to raise their family.

So how do you get started with Digital Mums.

First you have to pay to get onto their course which will take you several months to complete.

Then once you have finished your training, you have to wait until they can link you with a business.

There is no definitive timescale here and if you are lucky then you will not have long to wait, if not who knows how long you could wait.

All the while you are not earning but learning and waiting for what is effectively another job.

I am not knocking their ideas as it is a brilliant one and I believe that it will really help mothers gain their confidence in the world of technology and with social media.

Should I join The Digital Mum or Digital Mums?

Whilst Digital Mums is for new mothers with younger offspring, The Digital Mum is for mums who have entered the next stage of parenting.

They aren’ t juggling the little un’ s anymore. They are now contending with children in the teenage phase of life, maybe going off to university and college. It’ s a whole new ball game believe me!

These mums are probably starting to re-evaluate their lives.

They have given and given over the years. They have washed, cleaned and cleared up all the messes.

They enjoyed it all but now they are at a stage of thinking of themselves once again.

They may be thinking of a career change and wondering what else there is out there?

They have probably tried to get to grips with all the changes that have taken place in the information age and may be worried that they won’ t be able to understand this technological stuff or even where to get started.

They are probably really terrified that they just won’ t be able to get it and make it work.

So really and truly I believe that Digital Mums and The Digital Mum are helping two entirely different markets. Similar names but two different markets. Therefore they are not really competing with each other — they are both trying to help mums at different stages of their lives to learn the skills to make them profitable in this online world.

What does The Digital Mum offer?

With The Digital Mum you will be able to access a full on line education that enables you to build a business of your own. This includes social media as well as all aspects of internet marketing. Through The Digital Mum you will learn how to turn your passion and build a business in any niche that you choose.

It will start by teaching you the skills to become an affiliate marketer and earn a commission by selling products online in any area that you choose. Once you have learned these skill there is nothing to stop you going out and creating your own products or building your own business.

The great part is that you have the potential to earn as you learn so you don’ t have to wait for several months before you see any return — it really is up to you how much time you are willing to put into learning and putting it into action. Remember the key word is ACTION — yes you will have to work this is not a push button get rich scheme it is an education system.

A key difference is that you will need to approach the The Digital Mum as a business of your own. As a mumpreneur.

Where you are in charge of your own business and for building your own niche.

The Digital Mum does not offer you a job it offers you the education you need to build a business online in whatever niche you want and you don’ t have to just focus on social media.

Find out more about how The Digital Mum can help you

Here’ s to living your digital life

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

The Digital Mum

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