If you’ ve followed the last two posts on setting up your work space and managing your time, then you may want to find out if there any secrets out there that other successful mumpreneurs are keeping? How do they do it? What exactly are they doing to create their success?

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Many mums start out with a passion and zest when they want to work at home. I know I was like that too.

I was keen, really keen, and every moment that I had I was out building the digital life.

I soon began to slip on my other tasks and dinner become a hurried affair as I wanted to get away to turn on my computer.   I left out pages in the kid’s stories or tried to choose shorter ones so that I could get away quicker.

Soon, the girls were complaining that I only ever seemed to be on the computer and they wished that I had more time to spend with them.

Pulled in Too Many Directions Signs Stress Anxiety

Many mums end up failing when they start out online to work at home because they feel pulled in so many directions.

They are working so hard at being a good mum but feel increasingly inadequate and pulled by the time that they have available to share between family life and their business at home.

No matter how much they give, it just never seems to be enough.

Getting the balance right is going to be a key factor in your success.

Giving just enough time to the online business without failing in your duties as a mother will be essential to your success.

So what is the secret to success as a digital mum?

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I’ m afraid that if it was that easy and we would all just be out there doing just that.

I am afraid to say that there is no real secret — the only way to success is to work hard and keep working hard.

I’ m afraid that there isn’ t any other way.

You will learn that running a business from home is just like being a parent.

Just as you think it is going to become easier as they finally sleep through the night, or they can dress themselves, there is the next hurdle. And the next to overcome in their developmental stage.

Being a parent isn’ t an easy job but mums sign up to it all the time and keep going and they keep learning. They persevere and they keep at it.

As you start your journey online you will need to find the same resourcefulness that you have as a mum.

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Treat your home business as you do for one of your children and nurture it each day.

Just think how your child would feel if you didn’ t give them a hug each day?

In the same way, your home business just wouldn’ t thrive if you failed to be productive and build it each day.

The secret to your success is you.

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