You may be wondering, if there is a secret to being a successful mummy blogger.  

Or maybe a mum who has turned her passions into a hugely successful online business.

You know the one’ s I mean, they seem to have it all and yet there you are still struggling.

It’ s hard to push past the mental focus of each day’ s routine let alone thinking of

creating a digital business from home

whilst still doing all the hundreds of tasks expected of you.

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work at home mum struggle

If you’ ve followed the last two posts on setting up your work space and managing your time  then maybe you are thinking of whether

starting your mummy blog or online business

is really possible at all and you want to find out more.

Maybe you are even asking yourself whether there are any secrets out there that other successful mumpreneurs are keeping to themselves?

You probably have lots of questions spinning round and round in your head.

How do they do it?

What exactly are they doing to create their success?

What do I need to learn?

Where can I learn it all?

And hell can I even start to learn new skills?


Having these thoughts are the first steps when starting something new.

I remember having those similar thoughts and feelings.

I worried if I would ever find the time to learn anything new and whether I could make the time for myself to get started on what seemed like a crazy adventure at the time.


When starting out on something new, many will start out with a passion and zest.

I know I was like that too.

I was keen, really keen and every moment that I had I was out building this new digital life.

In fact, I was so focused that I soon began to slip on my other tasks.

Dinner became a hurried affair as I wanted to get away to turn on my computer.

I left out pages in the kid’s stories or tried to choose shorter ones so that I could get away quicker.

Soon, my girls were complaining that I only ever seemed to be on the computer and they wished that I had more time to spend with them. (Go figure huh, I was trying to create more time to spend with them, but in the beginning, this took me away from them more)

work at home mum

Getting Pulled in many directions

Many mums end up failing when they start out online because they feel pulled in so many directions. They are working so hard at being a good mum but feel increasingly inadequate at the same time. They are being pulled between family life and their business.

No matter how much they give, it just never seems to be enough.

Getting the balance right is going to be a key factor in your success.

balance in business

Giving just enough time to the business without feeling you are failing as a mum will be essential to your success in your new venture.

So what is the secret to success as a digital mum?

I’ m afraid that if it was that easy to just share a secret, everyone would all be out there doing just that.

I’ m afraid to have to tell you that there is no real secret — the only way to success is to get focused, learn new skills and work hard and keep working hard.

I’ m afraid that there isn’ t any other way.

Parents already know how to be successful

You will know this being a parent.

You have become a master of your skill. Only you know how to care for your baby.

You know what they what.

What each cry or whinge is about. You have learnt how to feed, bath and change poopy nappies.

They may seem like little things but all these tasks go together to make you a master of raising your own little human being.

And you keep learning.

Just as you think it is getting easier.

When your baby finally sleeps through the night for the first time.

Or they are able to dress independently.

They feed themselves without a huge mess on the floor.

There is the next hurdle.

Something new that they must learn and master.

Just as you learn they have to keep learning and mastering new skills.

Together you negotiate their next developmental stage.

Teaching, Learning and Doing

Being a parent isn’ t an easy job but mums sign up to it all the time and keep going and they keep learning.

They persevere and they have to keep at it.

work at home sucess

Starting a new blog or online business is exactly the same.

There are so many new things to learn and just as you master one skill, there is something new to learn.

At the start, it may even feel a little overwhelming, just like the first day you brought your bundle of joy home and wondered how you would ever cut it as a mum.

But as you broke it down, bit by bit, you soon learnt how to take care of little Ruby.

In the same way, you can

start to build your blog or your own online business.

Start at the beginning and learn as you go along.

As you start your journey online you will need to find the same resourcefulness that you have as a mum.

Treat your business as you do for one of your children and nurture it each day.

Just think how your child would feel if you didn’ t give them a hug each day?

In the same way your blog business just wouldn’ t thrive if you failed to nurture it and be productive and build it each day.

Whilst we are being so open and honest, the last thing I want to share is

The secret to your success simply is you.

success at home

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