If you’ ve been thinking of starting a blog and can’ t decide if this is the right route for you?

Maybe you’ ve even wondered if it is too late to start a blog?

I’ m going to break it down for you. These were the same questions that I had when I first got started.

I’ ve been blogging on and off now for several years. When I first started online, blogging was the way to go. Everyone who was anyone started a blog and this is what I did back then.

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I have to say it was not always easy and I have to admit that I had some blogging failures along the way (wipe hand on forehead and sigh) but we all have to start somewhere.

Just because those first blogs weren’ t successful, did not mean that I was not a success. I looked at it from a different point of view, because you see, I learnt so so much from what happened then and I have been able to start other successful blogs since then. So I feel qualified to share what I learnt from my trials and to help you getting started with your blog.

But let me start at the beginning, I’ m taking it you are a new blogger just getting started. Trying to work out whether to do this or not.

start a blog

So What is a Blog?

A Blog quite simply is a page on your website.

It is a place where you can share great content with others. Think of a Blog as your piece of online real estate. Every Blog post that you write gives you a page on the web it builds your credibility on the topic you are writing about. You become an instant expert in your subject.

Therefore, the more Blog posts that you write the more authority you soon will have. As you gain in authority this will increase your rankings in the search engines and you will get more visitors and this in turn will generate more leads.

When people are coming to your blog and are finding content that is relevant to them, blog content that is helping them solve the problem that they were searching for, they will keep coming back for more and recommend you to others.

This is the starting steps to creating your successful blog. (keep reading on because there is a lot more to learn about blogging the right way)

Once you start posting on your Blog you start to brand yourself.

People will get to know you and the more they do the more that they will want to work with you.   A blog will help you to build strong relationships with your target audience. Your Blog provides you with the chance to brand yourself.

starting a blog

Stand out and Shine and be you with your blog.

Why do you need a Blog?

You probably have loads of questions and I hear you.

Here’ s some of the thoughts that went through my head when I was starting a blog and maybe these are some of the same barriers that are stopping you right now.

Isn’ t blogging dead?

There’ s so much competition and noise out there, how will I break through all that?

Can you really make any money with a blog?

Can’ t you just use social media to build your presence without a blog?

It’ s all been said before, why would anyone want to listen to me and how can I say it any better than established bloggers?

From my experience, blogging is still the way to go if you want to create any real success online.

Given the current climate (if you are reading this in the future, this is 2021 and we’ ve just had major setbacks with the pandemic) many people have lost their jobs and have no idea what the future holds anymore.


Here are

3 Reasons why I think it is still the right time to start a blog:

1. It is affordable and simple to get started

The costs to get started with your blog remain one of the lowest ways to start an online business.

Let me outline this for you, the traditional business model is really dying. With the closure of so many high street stores (Debenhams, Moonsoon, Topshop, Cath Kidston)  it is clear to see that the traditional ways of doing business and shopping with bricks and mortar stores is slowly dying.

Add to that starting a brick and mortar store is a costly way to start a business and there’ s so much more that can go wrong. You have overheads like rent, staffing, products to get in, not to mention the energy it takes to get started.

When starting a blog all you need is yourself, a laptop and an internet connection. Much simpler don’ t you think!!  And there is much less risk involved.

With Blogging you can easily develop a relationship with your audience and readers. You just put in the work writing your blogs posts, create great and interesting and helpful content which helps them to learn and teaches your readers great stuff that meets their needs.

With a blog you don’ t have to spend thousands of pounds you can set up your office simply like this  . It allows you to raise your family from home, whilst also creating an income using your blog.

What’ s there not to like about starting a blog.


2. But there’ s so much noise out there!!!

I felt this too when I started having a look at bloggers in my niche. They seemed to say everything in these cool ways.

They talked about how they were making tons of money, they seemed to have it all. (Yikes, this led me back then to wonder, if I should even start- HUGE DOUBTS SET IN!! )

I felt like a fraud to come and start talking about blogging amid the noise that was around me already.

I even questioned whether to get started.

I’ m so glad I didn’ t give in to those negative thoughts.

I stopped. Well hesitated momentarily and asked myself this question.

Surely these experts making tons of money were new bloggers when they got started?

They didn’ t start knowing it all. They didn’ t make loads of money on their blog when they first started. They weren’ t well known with millions of page views or followers.

That’ s when I realised that we all have to start where we are at.

We have to start at the beginning.

We have to learn the skill of blogging and just get started and that is what I did. And I have to say I have not looked back since.

I’ m so so glad I didn’ t give up before I got started.

But what about all the noise out there — how am I going to get noticed?

I want to share something even more revealing.  Even though there are more blogs out there, there are also more people online.

I know right!!! Made me smile too.

Think about it, just about everyone has a mobile phone or a tablet.

This means that millions of people all over the world have access to the internet, they are constantly on their phone searching for information. Some even treat their mobile phone like their baby.  

Just let that sink in, there are millions of people searching the internet for information and maybe you are the person who has what they are looking for.

But guess what they can’ t find it because you haven’ t started your blog yet.

I think we can safely say that blogging is not dead, if anything it is just growing exponentially. There’ s room for all even if there are hundreds of bloggers in your niche, they won’ t have your voice and they won’ t share content in the same way that you do.

Each of us has our own unique view, a perspective that only we can share.

Your story is what makes you unique so whilst you may talk about the same topics, you will be using your voice, your story and sharing your examples.

Guess what no one else will be telling the same story as you!!!

start a blog

3. It’ s soo easy to get started with setting up a blog.

I can remember how much harder it was the first time I started a blog, this was many years ago. There was so much technology to learn and there just wasn’ t the tools and resources out there then like there are now.

It is so much easier to get started and now I can get a blog up and running in no time  , the first time is always the hardest but this is true for many things, but once you’ ve done it once, it is just like riding a bike or driving a car. Once you’ ve learnt the skills, it’ s like second nature to you.

Even if you have no technical skills, there is so much support to help you start your blog. Most hosting companies have 24/7 support to help you with anything that might go wrong.

What’ s more you can customise you blog so quickly, to just how you like even if you build a site from scratch. I use the Divi theme to customise my site.

You can get millions of page views (okay not at the beginning but you will build up to this as you start to become more established with your blog posting and schedule). And there are so many great tools out there that will help you to increase your traffic  

There are so many courses out there to help you get started to make your blog a success. You can either pay to take a course and I started with Skillshare there were tons of courses that I went through on their platform.

start a blog

Where Do I Start and What Do I Write About?

You might be wondering where to start and what do I write about. Content is one of the biggest obstacles when starting a Blog.   I will give you some cool tips in my next blog post around content creation and tips have saved me loads of time since I started to Blog.

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*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information*