Choosing your blog niche is going to be one of the most important decisions that you will make when starting on your blogging journey.

After you choose your niche, you will be wondering what do I write about?

What will be of interest to my readers? (We’ ll talk a bit more about content in the next blog posts, but today, let’ s keep focused and think about choosing your blog niche.


Choosing a Niche is one of the biggest obstacles you will face when Starting a Blog.  

find your blog niche

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But don’ t worry, because you’ re in the right place because that’ s what we are going to cover in this blog post.

Now, most bloggers will tell you to blog about what  you want to blog about. (HINT- Don’ t Do This!!)

When I first started, I followed this advice passionately with my first blog. And I made  0 money.

I loved the idea of writing what I believed in and what I wanted to say.

I used to have countless thoughts of what to write, pop into my head.

I have to admit that some of them were really random!!

To give you an idea of what I mean, one day I would write about the challenges of the school run, the next day it was about a beautiful countryside walk which had simply inspired me, the next day I wrote content about blogging and starting an online business. (I know it makes me cringe when I look back on it, but heh, we all have to start somewhere)

I really was all over the show when I first started out online.

I was blogging about anything and everything.

My Blog had no FOCUS. My Blog had NO NICHE.

I really didn’ t know what I was doing then and looking back on it now, I have to laugh, but at least I had tried.

Have you heard the saying

“it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all ”.

I have to agree with it,

Not trying is the biggest failure of all.

find oyur niche

You see from those first attempts at starting my blog, I gained a lot of knowledge from those failed experiences. I wouldn’ t change it (well actually, thinking about it, maybe I would have changed it just a little bit, because it would have been nice to have had some successes) …

But, I have taken on the positives from that failed blogging attempt

I learnt so so much from just getting started with my first blog.

I learnt so much even when I didn’ t know what to do with my blog.

I learnt what mistakes I made. Read My Post 7 Blogging Mistakes I made and How You can Avoid Making them TOO

I learnt where I went wrong.

Armed with this knowledge, I was able to correct my blogging mistakes when I started my next blog.

What I learnt on my past blogging journey, was that … people are searching to solve their problems.

Frankly between you and me, I wasn’ t solving any problem except my own need for creativity and to get my thoughts out on paper (HINT -That’ s what a journal is for).

My blog didn’t really cater to any audience. It only served me. (Hard Truth!!)

This was my first mistake.

So, lesson to be learned:  Do not try to be genuine or original and remember to have a main focus when coming up with a Blog niche.

Know Your Audience

how to choose your blog niche

It’s not going to work otherwise. Take it from someone who’s tried and failed.

If the main objective for you right now is to create a blog that makes money, you need to choose a niche that’s proven to be profitable.

Take what’s already there and make it better.

When you are choosing a blog niche, do some research to find out  if your niche is already successful. Is it a niche that  gains lots of traffic and gets people to take out their wallets?  If so, go for it!

I’ ve done some research since then and I have found that these are the most popular niches to work with:

  1. Finance and Budgeting (Earn, save, frugal living, budgeting, etc)

If you love talking money and have some experiences that you can share, then you can build a really successful blog in this niche. Here are some of the ones I think have done a fab job of sharing content that is of value.

Making Sense of Cents (cool blog name too huh).

The Budget Mum Blog

This one’ s more focused about budgeting and frugal living tips.

  1. Parenting tips, stay at home mums, mummy blogs

Or maybe like me you are in the mum blog niche, my blog The Digital Mum is about sharing tips and resources to help mums to find ways to stay home and raise their family whilst still earning an income. My blog can also fit into the Blogging and Online Business niche.

Here are some other stay at home mum blogs that I have liked.

Confessions of a Stay at Home

As you can see, just sharing your personal experiences in a focused way can help you connect to your readers.

I also like Twins Mommy

Whilst sharing her experiences, Elna Cain also learns how to create an income from home whilst raising twins (mind boggling that she had the time) and then starts to share with others how to do the same. I’ ve taken some of Elna’ s courses and they are so amazing.

I hope that you are getting the idea right about finding your blog niche.

10 popular blog niches

Here are a few more popular niches that you can think about.

Here are a few more popular niches that may trigger some interest for you.

  1. Blogging and Online Business (how to start a blog, blogging tools, make money)
  1. Health and Fitness (healthy meals, workout, exercise, weights, yoga, healthy mind, etc.)
  2. Food — (cooking, recipes, meals)
  3. Beauty and Fashion (clothing, make up, latest trends)
  4. Pets (dogs, cats, dog walking business)
  5. DIY and Home Décor (how to do, decorating tips, )
  6. Travel and Places to Go ( travel blogs and tips, digital nomads)
  7.  Lifestyle blogs (Arts and Crafts, gardening, design, more niche)

I hope that list has given you some ideas.

If you need a bit more and want to get an idea of what others are blogging about in those niches, then do a google search of other blogs in this niche.

Simply type in the keywords of the niche and then blog

For example go to google search and type

“how to blog blogs ” “healthy meals blogs ” or “yoga blogs ” and see what comes up. Hopefully, this will help you to narrow down what your interests are.

google search

This will then give you all the blogs that are ranking in that niche. Go and take a look, see what they are blogging about and how they have set up their blog so you can get some ideas (not copy) how to get started in your chosen blog niche.

What Does It Mean to find a blog Sub-Niche

I hope that by now you have started to get focused and gaining some clarity about what blog niche you may want to write in.

If there’ s still some uncertainty don’ t worry, just get started because what you may find when you get started is that you find yourself in a blog sub-niche.

Now, you can find a sub-niche within these niches and this will narrow down your focus even more.

If you are able to concentrate your focus even more, then this is even better because this will help you to be real focused when planning your blog content.

Let me break down sub-niche in your blog a bit more.

Rather than writing about Parenting — you start to talk about specific aspects of parenting. For example, “feeding tips ” or even more niche, “feeding babies and children with allergies ”.

Instead of diet, you talk about ‘keto diet’ or ‘Paleo Diet’ .

You’ d be surprised about how many people are searching for very specific information that solves their problem.

If your blog answers what your readers are looking for, then you have a happy reader.

10 popular blog niches

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you choose a niche.

 1. Can it make money in the long run?

List out all the ways in which you think your new blog can be monetised. If this is a new idea to you then bookmark this blog as I’ m going to be sharing more about how to monetise but first things first, you got to get started right.

But for now think about what product can you offer them? For example, parents might be looking for reviews on products that they buy, you can become an affiliate of the products and write about these products.

Maybe there are services that they are looking for. How to teach a baby to sleep. This is a huge one cos every parent wants a good night’ s sleep. By the time they are looking for a solution, they are probably so sleep deprived, if you can offer them some clear strategies, (If you have been lucky enough to learn how to get your baby to sleep 8 hours at night), then you can share your tips and experiences with them in a printable.

If you did what I advised earlier in this blog when choosing your niche, you would by now already have searched for popular blogs in your niche. You can tell how popular they are by how far up they come in the ranking when you search on Google.

Just think if your blog is coming up in the first 1-10 searches (that’ s the first page of google), people are more likely to click on your blog, read what you are saying and if they like and connect with you they may even buy what you are offering.

These are some monetisation possibilities and there are lots of others that you can implement in your niche once you are more established. But don’ t get too stuck on this too much just yet, right now it is important to focus on your niche and just get started.

 2. Are there other people in this same niche that are already successful?

Once you know that there are people who have successfully monetised this niche,  you have a clear green light to go ahead.

You know that it works already and you have successful people to follow and walk in their footsteps.   I’ m not saying copy, but you can learn what they did and then do the same.

Do not step into the unknown. At least not whilst you are first starting out.

Why walk in the dark when you don’ t need to?

3. Should you Narrow Down if you’ ve already decided on your blogging niche?

Maybe you’ ve already decided on your niche. Perhaps you want to start a Parenting Blog, but you don’t know how to go about it or how to narrow down your focus.

For this, I will suggest that you start blogging about parenting in general. As you start publishing posts, you can slowly narrow down your niche.

Eventually, your Blog may become a Pregnancy Blog, Behaviour Management Blog, Feeding Tips. It will become a sub-niche of your parenting blog.

You will soon find out what content you enjoy writing and what comes naturally to you. This will become your niche and you can stylise your blog to fit in with this.

You will be one of the lucky ones, you’ve found your blog niche and it’s working for you.

When I started my Blog, it was just a general Blogging and Business Blog. But in time, it became a Blog that caters for women looking to  start online businesses that gives them the freedom to stay at home and raise their family whilst making money.  

If you cannot narrow down your blog niche on day 1, don’t fret. It takes time, and that’s okay.

I really hope that this post has helped you to think about your niche and what you want to blog about.

If you skimmed to the bottom — I know how busy you are right!!


Here’ s the key points you need to know when deciding on your blog niche

Here are the popular blog niches you can choose from:

  1. Parenting tips, stay at home mums, mummy blogs
  2. Finance and Budgeting — (Earn, save, frugal living, budgeting, etc)
  3. Blogging and Online Business (how to start a blog, blogging tools, make money)
  4. Health and Fitness (healthy meals, workout, exercise, weights, yoga, healthy mind, etc.)
  5. Food — (cooking, recipes, meals)
  6. Beauty and Fashion (clothing, make up, latest trends)
  7. Pets (dogs, cats, dog walking business)
  8. DIY and Home Décor (how to do, decorating tips, )
  9. Travel and Places to Go ( travel blogs and tips, digital nomads)
  10.  Lifestyle blogs (Arts and Crafts, gardening, design, more niche)  

3  Questions to ask yourself before choosing your blog  niche

  1. Can my blog make money in the long run?
  2. Are there other people in this same blog niche that are already successful?
  3. Should I narrow down or find a blog sub-niche?
choosing your blog niche

Comment below if you have started your blog and post your link so we can check your blog out.  

In my next post, I’ m going to be talking about your content and what you should actually write about.

Happy blogging

The Digital Mum

3 thing before your choose your niche