Help, I’ ve Cracked The Screen On iPad

The other night, I borrowed my daughter’ s iPad to catch up on some webinar training. It was not an easy deal to negotiate with her as she really did not want to part with it, even momentarily. But with the persuasion techniques, I’ve developed and refined over the years as a mum, she handed it over (okay, so I was out of pocket for the deal).

What happened next was totally beyond my control and in my defence it was not intentional.

As I started watching the webinar in question, my hand slipped whilst holding the said iPad a short distance from my face and it promptly fell onto my forehead as I was lying down.

This impact brought me swiftly to my senses and instead of worrying about the likelihood of a huge bump on my forehead, I was more concerned about the impact on the inanimate object in my hands.

I worriedly scanned the iPad for any damage.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I was unable to make out any and I decided to pack it away before the inevitable did happen.

The next morning, I thought I’ d best give it the once over before I returned the iPad and guess what? A small hairline crack had developed along the corner. It was about 5cm long and visible in the natural light. Whether it had been there the night before or had developed overnight after the impact of dropping it on my forehead, I am not quite sure.


All I knew was that the two month old birthday present was now in a sorry state of wear — and my daughter had had nothing to do with it.

Okay, I was dreading having to come clean to my daughter that I had damaged the iPad, afterall it doesn’ t usually happen this way, does it?

Just imagine, if the roles had been reversed and she had damaged the iPad, what would I have said to her?

‘You should look after your things more carefully.’
‘You’ re so careless.’
‘You don’ t deserve such expensive items’
Etc, etc…

Now that the tables were turned, what would she say to me?

It is not necessary to repeat the details of that conversation here as it is rather demeaning in the role reversal.

So, with me in a rather sombre mood, we headed down to our local Apple store. As the iPad was only two months old, I held the faint hope that they would replace it.

I had scoured online what others had done when their iPad had a hairline crack. Isn’ t that the great thing about the internet?

Anything you want to know at whatever time it is, you can just Google it and find out the answer. Our world of instant gratification was certainly coming in handy.

As I read the stories of others, I began to become a bit concerned. It seemed that if the screen on the iPad is cracked accidentally then Apple may not necessarily replace it and you may have to pay for a screen fix. There was no definitive answer online about whether they would or wouldn’ t. It seems that some people were able to get a replacement of their iPad under warranty whilst others weren’ t.

As it was, lady luck was on our side and I only wish that she had showed up on the night of the said occurrence and saved me all this hassle. The Apple In Store Customer Advisor examined the iPad and noted the hairline crack and agreed to replace it under the warranty.

Whew, I was able to breathe again.

Half an hour later we walked out with a new iPad in the bag.

As I settled down later that evening a smug look on my face as I relived the day, I thought for a moment of asking my daughter to borrow the said iPad again but luckily my senses kicked in and maybe, just maybe, I’ ll give it a miss for the moment.

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