Challenge ahead

As I approach the mid-way mark of this 90 Day Challenge, I realise that I have set myself quite a huge task alongside everything else that life has thrown my way. Producing content on a daily basis has taken up most of my time and focus. What to write? Produce the content and then post it — is all very time consuming.

Which leads me to the question most often asked?

Do I need to post content daily onto my blog?

Well, the purpose of posting content is so that your blog will move up in the rankings and will be found by the search engines. The more you blog the more likely it is that your content will start to rank higher. But keeping up the momentum of daily blog posting on a long term basis and I mean posting quality content not just any rubbish is not easy.

You are better off spending time writing one quality blog post rather than seven poor quality ones.

The problem with producing this volume of content is a problem that many bloggers face at some point and why in the end many bloggers look to outsourcing the writing of their content for their websites.

This is clear to see by the multitude of article writing sites that are out there, all eager to produce quality content for your blog.

But if you enjoy writing and don’ t want to outsource your blog content then it is important to get regular good quality content onto your website.

In order to get The Digital going, I set myself this 90 Day Challenge to write regular blog posts for 90 days in order to build up the content fast.

I knew that it was necessary to set myself a public challenge. I knew that I needed this in order to keep my mind focused daily. Each day the first thing, I think is I need to get my blog post ready and published. See my tip for doing this easily.

As I reflect at the midway mark through this 90 Day Challenge, the pace alongside everything else has eaten into my time and this has meant that other tasks and goals have fallen by the wayside.

In order to use time effectively, after 90 days, I will drop down to a regular schedule of posting blogs to perhaps two or three times per week.

I believe that it does not matter how often you post a blog as long as you post regularly on set days whether it is every Monday and Thursday or once a week on a Sunday. Once you build an audience they will be expecting some new content on those specific days.

I believe that it is important and necessary to set ourselves goals and to work daily to achieve them.

When the mind is focused on something it will work daily towards that goal.

What goals have you set yourself recently?

What challenges could you set for yourself?

Maybe start small with a 7 Day Challenge — it could be something that you do each day to focus on something you have always thought you would get round to doing.

Tony Robbins talks about a 7 Day Challenge where you stop yourself from having any negative thoughts for 7 Days. Whilst it may seem easy you are not allowed any negative thoughts during those seven days.

When you feel something negative say something like ‘Cancel, Cancel Cancel’ and then think positive.

Just one negative thought means that you start your 7 day challenge all over again.

Once you have managed this challenge you will be able to be in charge of your mind and your thoughts.

We live in a digital world but we need to focus our minds daily because no digital object is going to help our minds to keep focused.

Here’ s to living your digital life

The Digital Mum spreading the word about the Digital World

Because there is another way!

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