Most people hate them and young adults don’ t want them — what am I talking about – the little black box in their first car. it was so much better when with make believe toy cars, but to entrust a young adult with the real thing…

I have to admit I was rather dubious myself at first. The black box system seemed quite controlling, almost big brotherish.

Then I realised that placing a young person behind this piece of fast moving machinery — there is some comfort in having this control.


So the Black Box – or to use the terminology Telematics – was her fate.

The telematics is fitted inside the car, usually within an hour. It was painless and there are no unsightly boxes, we were concerned that there would be this hideous black box staring  at  you on your drive, but it is a small  electronic  device that this placed into the vehicle out of sight which links the car up to the insurance companies central monitoring system.  

The Digital World comes into play once again.  

They are able to tell when her car is moving, how fast it is moving, how quickly or not she is going round corners and the frequency of her use. She gets scores each week for her usage and if she has been driving well. She needs to remain within certain scores for her insurance to remain valid.

For example, she needs to always drive within the speed limit which is of course a good thing because she should not be driving out of it anyway. This constant reminder is great for young people in charge of their first car.  

But Telematics cannot change the course of other drivers

When someone went into the back of her car, whilst she was stationary which is what happened to her a little while ago, there really isn’ t much a black box can do …  

or is there?  

What I love about the Black Box system

Is that immediately her insurance company noticed that there was some impact on her vehicle and they called her straight away to check if she was okay.  

They offered to stay on the line with her until I arrived as she was totally in shock.  

The emergency services were called out.  With the police in attendance, the firemen soon wanted to get in on the action and proceeded to cut the roof off the top of her car.  She was taken out of the car on a spinal board on an ordinary day to college.  

It was all rather dramatic for a bump on the back of a car and why I am so pleased she has a black box fitted in her car.  

Black Box telematic systems you may hate them but they can also come in handy at times

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