Getting Through The Dreaded GCSE Exams

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Well we are almost half way through the dreaded GCSE exams. They arrived quicker than realised. I think that I will be almost as glad as my daughter when they are finally over. For the past few weeks it has been a nightmare living in our home and the S word brings about acrimony between us no sooner than I have said the S word. STUDY.

I am met with scowls and angry words berating me that she has been studying.

Just because she sports headphones, has the TV blaring in the background and her Facebook messages hitting back and forth does not mean that she isn’ t studying.

How things have changed since my time.

Apparently, the world has moved on since I studied and it seems that no one has updated me about all this technological stuff.  It seems that all study texts and information are all on line now.

There is a world of oodles and not of the noodle variety.  There is Moodle which is a learning platform used by schools across the country to help encourage our digital children to study.

They have the use of sites likes Fronter which gives them access to certain study rooms where the teachers post homework.

There is a multitude of websites that have guides to help our digital kids through the maze of each course study and help them to complete their research.

No longer do our children reach for a textbook to study.

No longer do they write things down.

It seems that the technological age is well and truly upon us.

So the next time you see your child in front of the computer


before you say the S word think oodle, and you will realise that they can indeed study using Moodle.

As you continue your journey as a digital mum you will realise that our children’s  brains think digitally unlike ours.

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Lets spread the word about the digital world

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