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Dr Jane Cox resonated almost immediately as she stepped out onto the stage. There was this sparkle about her that draws you in and immediately her confidence and calm generates an instant connection. She offers solutions for anyone wanting to take their life to the next level or if they have found that they are stuck and can’t seem to move forward in any area of their life.

With her background in psychology and intercultural communication, Dr Jane Cox tells us she has three PHD’s but she doesn’t tell us this to brag she tells us to show the depth of her interest in human behaviour and communication.

The philosophy she has put together is based on her years of learning both from her own life, growing up in South Africa and through her academic journey.

Dr Jane Cox has owned and edited a popular magazine, Mums @ Work, aimed at woman juggling motherhood and careers.

Dr Jane Cox talks about the Money MAGNETISM Mindmap.

M – Money needs to be properly understood. Money is a tool and you need to learn how to use it. When you are in debt you are not in control and she tells us that our money heart beat is beating weakly and you need to learn how to make it beat stronger.

A – Acquisition. Do you feel that it always seems to be in the future, when I have paid off that debt, when I receive that bonus I will do… it always seems to be one obstacle away and then another rears its ugly head. Using her method, she will show you how to find a way to hone your skills to make the wealth.

G- Growing and Keeping your wealth

The next step is learning to grow and keep hold of your wealth. When people earn more or make more money they end up spending more. Dr Jane Cox method is that you need to know at all times how much money you have – ask any millionaire she says they will tell you how much money they have.

N- New Ways Forward

You don’t need to learn new skills, there is money where you are in the field you are working in. Take a step back she says, and look around you. Why are they achieving that success and you are not? Nobody gets rich by accident you need to be prepared to put in the work.

E – Emotions

What are your emotions around money? Do you find yourself asking the question I have worked all these years and still I have no money? The reason is our subconscious programing about money without realising it we is repelling it. When we understand our negative emotions around money we can replace them with positive ones. If you don’t think that you are worth it – How will you make money?

T – Time vs money and life balance.

Take charge of your time, stop procrastinating and start focusing. Just take action today and do it well.

Unfortunately Dr Jane Cox ran out of time at the event so we didn’t get to find out what the I and M stand for but it you are interested in learning more about Dr Jane Cox and her methods then her new program is called

180/180 – turn your life around 180 degrees within 180 days. Within 6 months she will mentor you to turn your life around.

What do you want to achieve with your life?

What can you do in 180 days?

A year from now will you be saying I wish I had done?

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